Got An Old N64 Laying Around? Well You Can Turn It Into A Switch Dock

If you don't want to sit around playing the original Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart in all their 64-bit glory, that classic N64 console is just taking up space. One intrepid Youtuber with an N64 and a crazy idea managed to put his old console to use for his brand new Nintendo Switch, by turning the N64 into a dock. Now I'm not saying that you absolutely need to repurpose your N64, but if you were looking to upcycle it, this isn't a bad way to go.

Youtuber Tettzan Zone not only turned the N64 into a Switch dock, but also added USB ports to the front of the console. Granted, you can't attach the Joy Cons to the sides of the Switch while it's docked in the older console, but it's still a great way to repurpose older tech.

You can check it out below.

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