"Grandia HD Collection" Is Getting An Update Today

GungHo Online Entertainment announced today that they have released a brand new update into Grandia HD Collection and both the remasters. According to the developers, the patch update 1.01.00 will implement Japanese language support, as well as improve frame rate optimization, enhanced visual effects throughout, and put in additional bug fixes. The company also posted some heartfelt messages to the community from people involved with the game. Including director Toshiaki Hontani, narrative designer Kei Shigema, main scenario writer Takashi Hino, composer Noriyuki Iwadare, character designer Youshi Kanoe, and voice actors Fujiko Takimoto (Justin) and Noriko Hidaka (Feena). You can read them here, but you can read one from Gekko Inc. CEO Kei Shigema below.

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Credit: GungHo Online Entertainment

What does it mean to be GRANDIA-like? A story that connects people.

When we began the GRANDIA II project, me being such a fan of the original GRANDIA, I was actually pretty troubled.
Will it be a sequel or a completely new work? How similar will the taste be to the original? What kinds of emotion and drama will it convey?
Just the fact that GRANDIA 1 was such a masterpiece, 2 was so difficult to create.
Late one night I asked Director Takeshi Miyaji, under these circumstances, what does it mean to be GRANDIA-like? And to this, his answer was that first statement.
With this as the core, I wrote the overall flow from the idea notes I had written when I was a student.
It all started from a story of an unnamed hero meeting two heroines with completely opposite personalities (the double heroine concept was important!), connecting people and changing the world…
In the early stages of plot creation, we worked together with cartoonist Hisashi Matsumoto, and in the middle stages, with cartoonist Yuichi Nagatani.
In meetings at the time, I would often explain this story as a world where Zetton beat Ultraman.
It's all so nostalgic.
Even after all this time, the concept of "a story that connects people" still remains very important.
Please enjoy GRANDIA II.

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