Happy Humble's Burger Barn Is Getting Released In Q4 2021

TinyBuild Games and Scythe Dev Team revealed that Happy Humble's Burger Barn will be getting released on console and PC sometime in Q4. If you're not familiar with the game, this one is s a first-person adventure horror cooking title in which you'll need to be the best employee ever while also being the best detective ever. It will be up to you to figure out what dark secrets lay within the halls of the Happy's Humble franchise, which can only be found by exploring New Elysian City. We got a teaser trailer for you below, which will have to tide you over until a release date is announced.

Come get a meal to die for at Happy Humble's Burger Barn! Courtesy of tinyBuild Games.
Come get a meal to die for at Happy Humble's Burger Barn! Courtesy of tinyBuild Games.

Welcome back to the Happy's Humble franchise! Serve customers at the Farm, or explore New Elysian City and it's many attractions! You're free to explore and do as you please really, well, as long as you don't make Happy mad, that is… You don't want Happy to get upset… Get movin' and groovin' as you sling chilled beef patties like an absolute hamburger hero. Enough of making burgers? then we got you covered with fries, salmon nuggets, shakes, hotdogs and what not. Enjoy cooking, enjoy working, that's our motto!

New Elysian is a happening city! Well…kind of. It's kind of eerie and disquieting too, eh? Get yourself a coffee from the Jazzy Java Joint! Or why not sell some stuff at the Steal 'n' Sell pawn shop? There's history and art to behold at the New Elysian Museum. Or pay homage to the past and the fallen at Legacy Lawns Cemetery. Who am I? Where am I, exactly? Wait, I work at a restaurant? This note says some weird stuff about…Obscura Programming? Paragon Genetics? What does all of this mean? Maybe I should collect more intel and unlock the very meaning of life, the universe, and all the rest.

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