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TinyBuild Games Announces Justice Sucks To Arrive In 2022
Indie publisher tinyBuild Games and developer Samurai Punk announced their next game Justice Sucks will be coming out in 2022 This one is a comedic stealth/action game in which you take on the role of a robotic vacuum cleaner turned superhero who may just be the hero this world needs You'll act like a normal[...]
Rawmen Announces Open Beta Coming To PC This Summer
During PAX East 2022, tinyBuild Games revealed that they'll be releasing the upcoming multiplayer title Rawmen this Summer with a new trailer Created by indie developer ANIMAL under the tinyBuild banner, this is a straight-up food fight as they have put their own twist on the arena shooter with an up to 32-person battle with[...]
TinyBuild Games Announces Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars At PAX East
During PAX East this week, tinyBuild Games revealed a new game coming this fall called Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars Developed by Acme Gamestudio, this is a brand new action-adventure title in which you will be playing a young warrior exploring an amazing city and the lands around it, with a story that pulls inspiration[...]
Rhythm Sprout Gains TinyBuild Games As New Publisher
The crew at tinyBuild Games announced this week that they will be taking over as the publisher for the game Rhythm Sprout Developed by SURT, this is a new rhythm-action title in which you'll be slicing and dicing your way through a zany story with a colorful cast of characters, all set to the beat[...]
Happy Humble’s Burger Barn Is Getting Released In Q4 2021
TinyBuild Games is happy to bring more horror to the Nintendo Switch as Happy's Humble Burger Farm will be arriving next month Now you can experience all of the weird horrors that come with running a fast food joint in the middle of nowhere with all of the updates the game has received so far[...]
Hello Neighbor 2 Will Launch An Open Beta In April 2022
TinyBuild Games and developer Eerie Guest will be bringing Hello Neighbor 2 over to PlayStation consoles for a special beta period The team is looking to test the new game and how it will play when it arrives on both the PS4 and PS5 later this year, so they want you to help them work[...]
Not For Broadcast Is Getting New Content This Month
TinyBuild Games and Not Games have a bit of a milestone to celebrate with Not For Broadcast as the game has scored a Guinness World Record Specifically, the game, as of this past week, holds the official World Record for Most Full Motion Video footage in a Video Game Because the game is based on[...]
Not For Broadcast Is Getting New Content This Month
Developer NotGames and publisher tinyBuild Games will be releasing the full version of Not For Broadcast later this month The game has been out in Early Access for a while, and was one of our favorites from PAX 2019, as you play the role of a control room operator for a TV station You'll be[...]
Despot's Game: Dystopian Army Builder Gets A Holiday Update
TinyBuild Games and Knofa Games have released a special holiday update into Despot's Game: Dystopian Army Builder this week Like a lot of the games that have been getting updates recently, this one is currently still in Early Access on Steam while they work the kinks out But that didn't stop the team from going[...]
Hello Neighbor 2 Will Launch An Open Beta In April 2022
The crew at tinyBuild Games revealed today that we'll be getting a beta for Hello Neighbor 2, but we won't see it until April 2022 The team opened up the opportunity for people to pre-order the game right now on the game's official website, which is the only way you'll be able to access the[...]
Trash Sailors Will Release On PC On December 16th
TinyBuild Games and fluckyMachine finally have a release date for Trash Sailors as the game heads to PC on December 16th As of right now, the plan is to have it out on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store for $20, with plans to release it across all three major consoles sometime in 2022[...]
Undungeon Will be Released On PC In Mid-Nov
TinyBuild Games annoucned that they will be releasing Laughing Machines' upcoming action-adventure RPG, Undungeon This one is a bit unique compared to others as we're getting more of a gory science-fiction role-playing adventure, all of it looking like it was created back in the late '80s with awesome pixel art The game will have you[...]
Happy Humble’s Burger Barn Is Getting Released In Q4 2021
TinyBuild Games announced this week they'll be releasing the Scythe Dev Team game Happy Humble's Burger Farm in December Right now the plan is to get the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions released on December 3rd, while the Nintendo Switch version will be coming out sometime in 2022 (No release window has been given for the[...]
Graveyard Keeper's "Better Save Soul" DLC Launches Next Week
The folks at tinyBuild Games and Lazy Bear Games revealed when the next DLC for Graveyard Keeper will be released The game is still going strong as there are people who are doing everything they possibly can in that game And why not? It was one of the best releases the company has put out[...]
Happy Humble’s Burger Barn Is Getting Released In Q4 2021
TinyBuild Games and Scythe Dev Team revealed that Happy Humble's Burger Barn will be getting released on console and PC sometime in Q4 If you're not familiar with the game, this one is s a first-person adventure horror cooking title in which you'll need to be the best employee ever while also being the best[...]