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Happy Humble’s Burger Barn Is Getting Released In Q4 2021
TinyBuild Games announced this week they'll be releasing the Scythe Dev Team game Happy Humble's Burger Farm in December Right now the plan is to get the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions released on December 3rd, while the Nintendo Switch version will be coming out sometime in 2022 (No release window has been given for the[...]
Graveyard Keeper's "Better Save Soul" DLC Launches Next Week
The folks at tinyBuild Games and Lazy Bear Games revealed when the next DLC for Graveyard Keeper will be released The game is still going strong as there are people who are doing everything they possibly can in that game And why not? It was one of the best releases the company has put out[...]
Happy Humble’s Burger Barn Is Getting Released In Q4 2021
TinyBuild Games and Scythe Dev Team revealed that Happy Humble's Burger Barn will be getting released on console and PC sometime in Q4 If you're not familiar with the game, this one is s a first-person adventure horror cooking title in which you'll need to be the best employee ever while also being the best[...]
Potion Craft Launches A NewPlaytest Build On Steam
Last week during PAX West, tinyBuild Games revealed that they will be releasing Potion Craft on Steam later this month If you're not already familiar with the game, it's been developed by Naiceplay Games as you are basically playing an alchemist simulator You will get your ingredients and learn how to make potions with the[...]
Secret Neighbor Adds The Amusement Park In Latest Update
TinyBuild Games has released a new update into Secret Neighbor as the game will now give you access to the Amusement Park The map has all the makings of a Scooby-Doo episode as you will wander through booths, carnival rides, and food vendors to escape with your friends But not all of them are your[...]
Potion Craft Launches A NewPlaytest Build On Steam
TinyBuild Games and Niceplay Games have released a new playtest build of Potion Craft on Steam today for everyone to try out The playtest includes six chapters of reworked The Alchemist's Path, a new Alchemy Machine and Legendary Recipes, a Void Salt, a new reworked recipe book, several new ingredients, new customers and merchants, and[...]
Black Skylands Receives An Early Access Release Date
This is one of those games we've been looking forward to as it has a few different genres rolled into one game, with a bit of a twist on the world you play in, You can check out the stunning trailer below as w now know the game will be coming out on Steam and[...]
Black Skylands Receives An Early Access Release Date
TinyBuild Games and Hungry Couch Games have revealed a release date for Black Skylands to come out in Early Access Created by a 15-person team out of the Russian studio, the dev team is bagging that this game is "BioShock meets Stardew Valley" as you soar above the Earth fighting for control of the skies[...]
Secret Neighbor Heads To The App Store For Pre-Order
TinyBuild Games revealed today that they have opened up pre-orders for their group escape title Secret Neighbor on iOS today The game is technically free, so basically you're just signing up to get the game the day it comes out for iOS The game has been doing pretty well on PC as players sneak around[...]
Mayhem In Single Valley Will Be Released On May 20th
TinyBuild Games revealed this week that they'll be releasing Mayhem In Single Valley for PC on May 20th, 2021 Developed by Fluxscopic, the game has you playing as a teenager named Jack who wakes up to discover that he has accidently caused the apocalypse Now your city is filled with monsters, transformed animals, ghosts who[...]
Totally Reliable Delivery Service Gets A Thanksgiving Update
TinyBuild Games and developer We're Five Games will bring Totally Reliable Delivery Service to Steam next month The game has technically been out for a while on both Xbox consoles as well as the Epic Games Store, giving players a fun but complicated ragdoll delivery game where you have to figure out how you're going[...]
TinyBuild Surprise Launches Cartel Tycoon: Uncut Earliest Access
TinyBuild Games announced today that they will be releasing Cartel Tycoon into Early Access on Steam in mid-March The game, which is developed by Moon Moose, caught a lot of people by surprise as it will have you running your own drug cartel from the ground up It isn't just you sitting around telling others[...]
Kill It With Fire Receives A Launch Date From TinyBuild
You can check out the latest trailer for the game down at the bottom. Who cares about the house?! There's spiders crawling all over the place!!! Courtesy of tinyBuild Games. The spider – mankind's most ancient and deadly nemesis As a licensed Kill It With Fire exterminator, it's time to fight back! Assemble your arsenal of increasingly[...]
Not For Broadcast Is Getting New Content This Month
TinyBuild Games and developer NotGames have released the second episode of Not For Broadcast this week What started off as a dark comedy parody of what it's like to run a TV station while an overseeing government is in power, has now spiraled into an in-depth story as the second episode of the game will[...]
Hellpoint Will be Coming To Nintendo Switch In February
Merge Games and tinyBuild Games revealed this week that Hellpoint will be coming to Nintendo Switch next month Not only that, they're going all-out for this release with a physical version with Cradle Games with the Signature Edition As you can see from the image below, along with the complete game you get a special[...]