Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Recaps Entire Story Arc

Since the end of J. K. Rowling's iconic Harry Potter series with the seventh novel, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, the author's Wizarding World has continued in multiple different ways. Rowling has penned her own spinoffs and direct continuations, including the popular Fantastic Beasts franchise where she serves as screenwriter and the controversial but successful Harry Potter & the Cursed Child, a theatrical play that Rowling plotted. What many readers may not realize, though, is that there is a monthly narrative that directly continues the adventures of the core characters, including Harry Potter, Hermine Granger, and Ron Weasley (who has had a particularly hard time of late). Niantic Labs' mobile game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, is misunderstood by many to be purely a collection game due to a confusing launch in 2019. The game has developed into a task-driven quest to unlock pieces of narrative, working directly with Harry and Hermione to solve a mystery that will reveal the biggest threat to the Wizarding World since Voldemort: a cabal of dark witches and wizards called The Unforgivable.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event registry. Credit: Niantic
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event registry. Credit: Niantic

In an effort to catch readers and potential players up to their story, Niantic posted a summary of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's first two years over on their official blog. You can preview the first portion of it right here:

Three years prior to the events of the game, five witches and wizards known collectively as the "London Five" vanished without a trace. The victims were Riya Patel, an Auror; Kit Gerrard, a reporter for the Daily Prophet; Timothy Hale, a Records Officer in the Ministry of Magic; Genevieve Blatt, the Head of the Department of Magical Artefacts; and Penelope Fawley, an Auror and wife of Unspeakable Grim Fawley. A thorough investigation was conducted, but the case was ultimately closed due to budgetary reasons and a lack of results.

Grim Fawley, desperate to find his wife, pursued both mundane and magical means to bring her back home. This included an ancient spell rumoured to find what one desires most.

Grim disappeared under mysterious circumstances around the same time as the Calamity began.

The British Ministry of Magic and International Confederation of Wizards created the Statute of Secrecy (SOS) Task Force. Under the guidance of Constance Pickering and Hermione Granger, volunteers (like you!) were enlisted to combat the Calamity and prevent Statute of Secrecy breaches.

The Calamity started to experience "surges" – essentially spurts of heightened activity – of related Foundables that seemed to imply the magic was being guided.

Personally, I think that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a great game with a compelling story that creates within it a sense of urgency and excitement to get to the next chapter that the films just can't create because of their scope and release schedule. With the story now laid out at the above link and a major revelation coming in this week's Brilliant Event, there has never been a more exciting time to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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