Having Indie Fun With Annapurna Interactive At PAX West

It's always cool to see Annapurna Interactive and the games that they bring around. At PAX they basically brought everything they had to offer, both currently released in 2017 and yet to come. We got a quick taste of three different games on the way, starting with Kentucky Route Zero. The plot to this story wasn't really put into focus, I was simply following the story presented in front of me, which was being a TV delivery guy putting a new TV in someone's home and then finding her cousin up by a mine. Along the way I got dazed and confused in a funky bit of surrealism as I chose my responses and where I was going around what I assume was Kentucky. I'm really intrigued by the game, but I need to see more.

Next up was an expanded version of Donut Country, which I played back at E3 for a short period of time. This time around I got an expanded demo that played smoother and gave me more dialog as to what was happening in the game, as I used circles that opened up in the earth around me to swallow objects and buildings whole. Everything I ate sent the world down to an underground dwelling, as everyone yelled at a raccoon who owned a donut shop for causing the problems. Its a cute game, I'm kinda stoked to see it come out.

Last on the demo list for me was Wattam, which is kind of hard to explain but I'll try my best for you. You start as a green cube with a face on it who is the mayor, who instantly befriend's a smaller cube and a rock, as you learn the funky movement mechanics of the game and build some kind of society. I honestly have no clue what to make of the game, but it was cool to check out and I'd love to learn more about it when it gets closer to release. Overall, I really enjoyed what I saw from Annapurna Interactive and I hope to see them again at the next gaming con I visit.

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