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Wanna Play Fantasy Yard Sale? Give Yard Tale a Try
Once in a while, we come across an indie developer title that, while it wouldn't be a very long game for us to review, we do feel like promoting because it's kind of quirky and fun. Yes, we're occasionally Zooey Deschanel when looking at games. The one that got our attention this week is a game called Yard Tale.
The Con Simulator
The country is basically convention crazy right now, if you think about it. There's a new comic/gaming/fan whatever around the corner every week somewhere in the U.S. But who can afford to go to them all? Now you can build your own with a new indie game called The Con Simulator.
Minit Gets a New Action Trailer Prior to April Release
Devolver Digital has just released a new trailer for their upcoming indie adventure title Minit, and the game doesn't really hold back on the adventure part as you're getting a good look at the world they've created. 
Mushrooms: Forest Walker Gets A New Trailer For 2018 Release
SimFabric and PlayWay S.A. released a new trailer and a Steam page this weekend for Mushrooms: Forest Walker, which is an indie title that sounds exactly like what you're thinking. You are a forest explorer who searches out different kinds of mushrooms to eat and survive on
Check Out The New Trailer For Last Man Sitting
If you haven't seen the footage of Last Man Sitting yet, prepare to see the laziest shooter game in your life. Well, figuratively speaking, as the game has you in competition with other individuals inside an office, shooting at each other from office chairs.
We Get A Teaser Trailer For The Indie Title The Council
French indie studio Big Bad Wolf, in partnership with Focus Home Interactive, just released a teaser trailer for their upcoming narrative adventure game The Council. We've posted the trailer, along with the developer's lengthy discussion about the plotline below, both of which are super intriguing.