"Hearthstone" Is Releasing New Classic Cards and Updates Soon

Blizzard has got a number of updates on the way for Hearthstone over the next month, starting with some new classic cards coming to the game. The developers released a new blog update this week, discussing many of the changes on the way. One of the big areas they discuss is the changes coming to all of the classes, which we have for you here. But as far as classic cards coming back, those will be Siegebreaker, Gift of the Wild, Righteousness, Brightwing, High Inquisitor Whitemane, Barrens Stablehand, SI:7 Infiltrator, and Arcane Devourer. No set dates were put on any of the material, so we're guessing once we hit a lull in the tournament schedule, the update will be implemented to everything in the Hearthstone server.

"Hearthstone" Is Releasing New Classic Cards and Updates Soon

Class Breakdown

Here's a brief look into how we currently picture each of the classes:

  • Strengths: These are the things that a class focuses on and excels at.
  • Limitations: These are aspects that might show up a few times in a class, but they are very limited in power level and the number of cards.
  • Weaknesses: These are aspects that a class either doesn't have or struggles to achieve effectively.

Druid: Attuned with nature, Druids rely on the magic of the wild, massive beasts, and swarms of woodland creatures. Their toolbox allows them the versatility to pivot from defense to aggression. However, they have limited ways to directly clear out enemy minions.

  • Strengths: Mana generation, giant minions, minion swarms, card draw, Beasts
  • Weaknesses: Destroying big minions, board clear

Hunter: Hunters use their wit, ferocity, and an army of beasts fighting alongside them to destroy their competition. Although they lack in defense, their aggression allows them to push through before they need it. A well-timed Secret or Deathrattle can help them gain clutch advantages against their opponent.

  • Strengths: Beasts, face damage, Secrets, Deathrattle
  • Limitations: Card draw and generation, board clear, Taunt
  • Weaknesses: Healing

Mage: Mages have mastered the arcane arts and use their wide range of spells to take on even the most aggressive of opponents. Their defensive cadre is limited—while a good Mage usually has a useful tool to deal with any situation, a great Mage conjures the right tool when they need it.

  • Strengths: Spells (big and small), damage spells, Secrets, board clear
  • Limitations: Minion swarms
  • Weaknesses: Healing, Taunt, minion buffs

Paladin: Paladins are great champions who support their minions with buffs, healing, and divine shields; however, they are not afraid to get their hands dirty when the time comes. They are methodical, controlling the battlefield through debuffs and focused attacks instead of destructive spells. Strength and persistence are the keys to a Paladin's victory.

  • Strengths: Minion swarms, minion buffs and debuffs, healing, Divine Shield, Secrets
  • Limitations: Cost reduction
  • Weaknesses: Direct damage spells, destroying big minions

Priest: Priests balance holy light and shadow magic to defeat their opponents. They control a battle's outcome using powerful spells with situational applications. While not the most aggressive, they are able to generate, copy, and use combinations of cards to create a powerful army.

  • Strengths: Healing, narrow but powerful spells, copying, single-minion buffs, Deathrattle
  • Limitations: Card draw
  • Weaknesses: Face damage spells, multi-minion buffs

Rogue: Rogues hide in the shadows, planning for the perfect time to strike. They may be sneaky and nimble, but they lack strong defenses and regeneration, forcing them to act quickly to incapacitate an opponent. Their innate ability to generate, draw, and burgle cards allows them to build up and execute on many synergies.

  • Strengths: Combo cards, destroying individual minions, card draw, weapons, Deathrattle
  • Weaknesses: Taunt, healing, board clear, multi-minion buffs

Shaman: Shamans wield the power of the elements along with their trusty totems. While they may not be able to generate resources as quickly as a Mage, they are able to overload their Mana Crystals with lightning, allowing them to ramp up for a burst of power faster than other classes. Shamans are thus rewarded for planning a few turns ahead by tuning their mana curve. Shamans also have strong tools to adapt to many situations. Although they are not as versatile as a Druid's Choose One cards, they are able to extend their capabilities in ways other classes might not be able to.

  • Strengths: Minion swarms, damage spells, Totems, Elementals, Murlocs
  • Weaknesses: Card draw, card generation

Warlock: Sometimes sacrifices need to be made for power, and when you get demons involved this is often the case. The Warlock is comfortable with this bond and can manage all their resources (including their Health) in order to defeat their opponent. Their inherent ability to draw cards—with a sacrifice—allows them to keep the power flowing.

  • Strengths: Powerful sacrifice effects, card draw, minion swarms, disruption, Demons
  • Weaknesses: Face damage spells, big healing

Warrior: Warriors thirst for the battlefield. Primarily a martial class, they incorporate Armor, weapons, and minions to destroy their opponents. The minions who fight alongside each Warrior tend to be bigger and stronger, and they employ Rush and Taunt to control the flow of battle.

  • Strengths: Armor, weapons, Taunt, destroying minions
  • Limitations: Card draw and generation
  • Weaknesses: Face damage spells, multi-minion buffs, minion swarms

Neutral: Neutral cards allow classes to extend their strengths to reach a specific goal with their deck or to make up for some of their weaknesses. For example, a Paladin can add Neutral Murlocs to help them round out their deck, or a Hunter may use a Neutral card that gives them a small amount of healing so they can stay in the fight longer. These cards are generally lower in power level so a class can never completely overcome their weaknesses.

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