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Heatran Raid Hour Is Tonight: Find People to Raid With In Pokémon GO

Heatran Raid Hour is tonight from 6PM to 7PM local time in Pokémon GO. The Fire/Steel-type Legendary Pokémon will take over most gyms during this time for an hour of Tier Five raids. Pokémon GO trainers are going to want to get out and play, because Shiny Heatran will be available through these raids. Here's how trainers who aren't yet part of a raid group can find other Pokémon GO players to battle with during Heatran Raid Hour.

Join other trainers for Heatran Raid Hour tonight. Credit: Niantic
Join other trainers for Heatran Raid Hour tonight. Credit: Niantic

Local Facebook groups and Discords

Many towns, counties, and cities will have Facebook or Discord groups where trainers can meet online to plan in-person raids. These groups can help foster the community of Pokémon GO, taking solo players out of the impossible grind of hoping raid parties fill up with strangers. Here, raid groups often organize through these groups, messenger, or even text chains to plan raids, which is now easily facilitates by Remote Raid Invites.

Remote Raids through Reddit

Now that Remote Raid Invites are live, online groups organize on social media so that Pokémon GO trainers can raid from home even if they don't personally know who they're battling alongside of. Reddit's R/PokeRaids is a major platform for exactly this, connecting trainers together so that they can add each other and join raid parties all over the world. Raid Hour now doesn't have to be limited to one hour. As long as it's happening somewhere, these groups can help anyone, anywhere , join them.

Showing up at Raid Hour in person

Tried and true. Be sure to mask up, social distance, and obey your government's current laws regarding the pandemic. Showing up in person at Raid Hour is something that can be done safely depending on the area, and often it's easy to spot other trainers walking from raid to raid during events like this. Go to your town's central area where gyms are densely located, explore, and look for other trainers. Sometimes, lifelong friendships can be forged over a simple question: "Would if be okay if I raided with you?"

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