Hello Neighbor Releases Alpha 4 With Even More Rooms To Rooms


So here's the thing…we love tinyBuild. If we could throw a proverbial ring on them, we would. Just one thing: Hello Neighbor seems to be the confusing bane of our existence — and we're not the only ones who feel that way.

Each time we've figured out how to solve the house, a new update comes out that makes the place bigger, tougher, and much more confusing — and it isn't even fully released yet. It almost feels they're just messing with gamers in a long, drawn-out experiment to see how much we'll put up with before we start rebelling against the system. Or just get tired of playing after we get stuck in another room and break the game again.

Seriously, I'm down with this game, but we're getting kind of tired of breaking random windows to rooms that lead to other rooms with nothing in them and no explanation as to what's going on. I personally can't wait until we get a final version this summer. But if you're still digging the early access, the Alpha 4 addition was released yesterday, along with this cool little trailer.

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