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Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek Launches on the Epic Games Store

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek is the prequel to Hello Neighbor and is one of the first games to launch on the Epic Games Store. The prequel follows the tragic story of the Neighbor's family, as players take on the role of Mya as she plays a game of hide-and-seek with her brother. Both characters are […]

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek is as Unstable as the Original

Hello Neighbor is a surprisingly popular franchise given its absolutely unstable build. The game has a very active modding community on Steam and has sold over half a million copies. While the premise is rather interesting, the execution is pretty terrible. And yet, Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild are giving it a sequel. Hello Neighbor: Hide […]

TinyBuild Announces 5 New Games at PAX West

Indie publisher TinyBuild announced five new games at their PAX West press conference this evening alongside announcements for previously revealed games like Rapture Rejects, Party Hard 2, and Pathologic 2. Rapture Rejects is now available for pre-order. Pre-ordering the game will get you access to the Private Alpha test phase with playsessions happening every weekend until the game […]

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for July 24-30, 2018

This week in video game releases, we don't seem to have a ton on our plate as it seems people are gearing up for August, but there are a few gems in here. It's a pretty healthy mix of AAA titles and indie games that you're sure to enjoy. Check out the entire list, choose […]

Hello Neighbor Is Coming to Mobile Devices in July

This morning, tinyBuild Games made the announcement that it would be bringing its hit game Hello Neighbor to mobile devices, giving iOS and Android users a unique experience with the game on cellphones and tablets. The company released the trailer below, which shows off some of the gameplay and the experience you'll be getting. It's […]

Hello Neighbor Finds Its Way to PS4 in Latest Trailer

TinyBuild Games have taken Hello Neighbor to practically every console so far, with the Nintendo Switch being the latest of the bunch to be announced to receive the game. Until today, that is, when we finally get to see the game come to the PS4. In a video post from the publisher TinyBuild and developer Dynamic […]

TinyBuild Brings Six Games To Switch That Have Already Been Released

A bit of a mixed bag of news this morning from tinyBuild Games as the company unveiled six games that it would be bringing to the Nintendo Switch this year. But instead of seeing some hopeful new releases, we got six games that have already been released. The six games that will be coming out […]

At Long Last, Hello Neighbor Gets A Launch Trailer

If you're tired of all the material that's come out for Hello Neighbor in small doses before we get the main game, you're not alone. After a couple dozen versions and some other trailers to show you what they've done to improve the game, we finally well see Hello Neighbor launched today, we got one final […]

Hello Neighbor Gets Launch Trailer Ahead of Release

Hello Neighbor has been on a lot of people's radars for a long time now. The quick description is it is a horror game, but the twist is that instead of some kind of monster, you are being tracked down by a pretty menacing neighbor. The game has been floating around in alpha, but in […]

'Hello Neighbor' Gets A New Creepy Halloween Trailer

Leave it to tinyBuild Games to take a game that was already heart-pounding and creepy and make it even worse during Halloween. Today the company put out a new Halloween-themed trailer for Hello Neighbor that makes even the weird manikin you see in the home seem that much more frightening. Enjoy! While the game is technically […]

Hello Neighbor Releases Alpha 4 With Even More Rooms To Rooms

So here's the thing…we love tinyBuild. If we could throw a proverbial ring on them, we would. Just one thing: Hello Neighbor seems to be the confusing bane of our existence — and we're not the only ones who feel that way. Each time we've figured out how to solve the house, a new update […]