'Heroes of Baldur's Gate' Brings the Classic Digital RPG to Table-Top

Towards the end of the last century, a game came out that pretty much glued me to my computer screen for three months. Baldur's Gate was everything I had been looking for since my role playing group had drifted apart, since it allowed me to play Dungeons & Dragons without needing a party to play with.

'Heroes of Baldur's Gate' Brings the Classic Digital RPG to Table-Top
//Credit: Arcanum Worlds

Now, it's been 20 years, I have a new gaming group, and Baldur's Gate is coming to Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

Arcanum Worlds is bringing the venerable game setting to life, with classic heroes like Minsc (and Boo), Jaheira, Imoen and more presented as NPCs, unique monsters, and maps of the fantasy setting:

The city of Baldur's Gate is the pride of West Faerûn—a mercantile stronghold ruled by the famous Grand Dukes. One year ago, a powerful merchant leader named Sarevok nearly catapulted the city into war with the neighboring nation of Amn. This crisis was averted, and the remnants of the organization were scattered throughout the Sword Coast.

Now, the city is threatened from within by agents of the nefarious Zhentarim, who seek to fill the power vacuum left behind in the wake of these events. Meanwhile, the Shadow Druids plot to destroy the city by performing terrible rituals, deep within the Cloakwood. Who will rise to oppose them?

Arcanum Worlds co-founder James Ohlen is in a unique place to bring the world of Baldur's Gate to life- he was one of the people who worked on the original video game series, so he's pretty qualified to do the series justice!

The Heroes of Baldur's gate book also contains an adventure that will take characters from 1st to 6th level while adventuring through the classic Sword Coast.

The book is available in PDF, Print, or a PDF/Print bundle through the Dungeon Master's Guild website.


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