Hero's Hour Will Release Onto PC In Early March

Goblinz Publishing and developer ThingOnItsOwn announced their turn-based strategy RPG Hero's Hour is coming in early March. This fast-paced title has been in development for a hot minute as you will take your kingdom to new heights by exploring the land, building armies, conjuring spells, and ultimately conquering everything you can or defending it from outside forces. There's rarely a dull moment with several factions, 20 classes to play as, hundreds of creatures spread out across randomly generated maps, and so much more to find and explore. Enjoy the trailer and info below as the game will release on Steam and GOG on March 1st.

Promo artwork for Hero's Hour, courtesy of Goblinz Publishing.
Promo artwork for Hero's Hour, courtesy of Goblinz Publishing.

Mount a mighty stallion and explore distant lands as a courageous hero seeking to conquer dangerous foes and to find a peaceful settlement to live in. Explore the countryside and collect valuable resources to aid in the town's construction and upgrade its valiant armies. Seek out mysterious obelisks for clues leading to long-hidden treasures and rare rainbows for improved luck in battle. Scout enemy troops to assess their difficulty levels before leading the battle charge. Strategically place factions before engaging in fast-paced auto-battles. Cast more than 80 spells such as Army of Giants to turn friendly units into mighty giants, Corpse Explosion transforming the dead into bombs damaging adversary lines, and Deflect Missile to protect hero's minions from taking damage for the next three attacks, all to boost troop's forces and swing the tide of war.

Each of the 20 hero classes possesses distinct abilities including Siren Song, which captivates close-by nemesis under their command, Grudge to turn the souls of dwarven units into vengeful spirits, and Shadowcasting, which temporary summons shadow-clones of foes to fight on their side. Heroes can command more than 200 units, such as fire-spitting and venomous lizardchers, powerful beastmasters capable of summoning Lynx to battle, healing friars, and more.

Overcome treacherous rivals guarding sawmills and mines, then seize their territories for daily supplies. Visit the Windmill once a week to replenish other supplies and the Docks to build a dominant fleet and be the most powerful hero on waters. Use invaluable resources to build and craft a strong community capable of upgrading armies while developing a plan for each day, as heroes have limited moves. Procedurally generated maps ensure no adventure is the same, presenting new areas to explore and buildings to conquer. Travel through minefields, snow-swept fields, and pastures to uncover hidden artifacts such as defense enhancers Mail Greaves and Silvered Plate, the Token of Journey to increase the hero's daily movements, or the Galaxy Blade, a powerful weapon increasing magical and fighting skills. Each unlocked power furthers the colony's readiness in future battles against the many perils that await.

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