Honey I Joined A Cult Aims For An Early 2021 Release

Team17 and developer Sole Survivor revealed earlier this month that their upcoming game Honey I Joined A Cult will aim for early 2021. The game was introduced back in May as you become the leader of a small religious cult trying to get members and build up your church. Which over time, slowly becomes a compound of sorts as people start living there and doing daily tasks while worshiping whatever it is you've chosen to worship. You'll also spend time trying to "enlighten" and gain new cult members. According to the devs, the team will be aiming to release the game into Steam Early Access in early 2021. We say "aiming" because if there's anything we've learned ina COVID-19 world, it's that release dates and predictions don't mean anything right now. So it wouldn't surprise us if the game got pushed back a bit at some point. In the meantime, you can check out the latest trailer for the game as well as some of the new things we've learned you can do.

Its okay, dear. Everyone here is friendly and worships Ra. Courtesy of Team17.
It's okay, dear. Everyone here is friendly and worships Ra. Courtesy of Team17.
  • Take full control of a funky cult: Recruit cultists and followers to maintain the organisation's smooth operation; keep them entertained and happy to grow its money and influence.
  • Build freaky deaky bases: Build the cult from the ground up and design the layout from 'hypno chambers' and bathrooms to monoliths and bedrooms.
  • Overcome groovy missions and challenges: Complete missions to unlock resources or fulfil the leader's demands to keep their ego in check.
  • Stick it to 'The Man': Overcome threats from nosey journalists, oppressive government bodies, and rival heretical cults.
  • Get down with deities: The player's choice of the cult's focus of worship affects the wider tech tree, as well as the missions and unlocks available.

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