Hood: Outlaws & Legends Has A New Patch Coming Monday

Focus Home Interactive released a new developer update video for Hood: Outlaws & Legends talking about the next patch. Game Director Andrew Willans took a moment to chat on the video, which you can check out down below, going over some of the updates coming to the game now that it's been released. Much of the work being put into this patch comes from the first two weeks of gameplay and community feedback, which they're now starting to get to and implement into the game. We also found out in this video that a new map is in the works and will be coming to the game sometime in mid-June 2021.

A new patch drops in on May 24th, courtesy of Focus Home Interactive.
A new patch drops in on May 24th, courtesy of Focus Home Interactive.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Patch 1.3

On Monday we will release an update with some significant fixes and improvements. Along with a number of bug fixes (such as the black screen on match start), controller sensitivity will be raised, along with more matchmaking improvements. This will be our first patch of this size, and it's the first of many.


While Andrew touched on matchmaking, we'd like to shed some more light on what goes on behind the scenes of the current matchmaking system, since we've seen a lot of discussion on this topic. When a player queues up, the system looks at what is called their "TrueSkill rating", which is a system very commonly used in multiplayer games with matchmaking. It calculates a number based on win/loss ratio and number of matches played, and finds other players with a similar number. The result is that you will sometimes be matched with higher level players, because they may have a lower win/loss ratio than you. Of course, if you are playing at 06:00AM the matchmaking might need to compromise to find other people playing at this hour.

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