How The Dying Roll: Reviewing The 'Tomb Of Annihilation' Dice Set

With the latest Dungeons & Dragons adventure "Tomb Of Annihilation" out for people to start running through, Wizards Of The Coast decided to take an extra step to make the grim story a little more intriguing for those who wish to delve deep into it. As part of its release, they have created a special dice set for the game, which we got a copy of to review for you.

To start, the dice came in a special metal tin, which in itself is a rarity these days as we're all used to buying dice ins mall plastic cubes or by the handful and a gaming shop. This one has a faded gold tint to it, complete with a "Tomb Of Annihilation" gargoyle face on the front of it. I like the presentation and the extra mile they went to present this set as something special, and it makes for an attractive piece to have on my gaming shelves.

Inside you have your standard array of dice: A D20, D12, two D10's (single and double digits), D8, D4, and four D6. As you can see below they're all mounted into the box with foam, so easy to store and easy to remove. I know there are going to be people who don't care for this design and would rather have a smaller box with them jangling loosely around inside, but again, for display purposes, this looks pretty cool.

The design of the "Tomb Of Annihilation" dice are well made with most of them being a dark green color, with the exception of the D20 as a lighter shade of green so it's easier to find when you need to roll for any dozen situations that may come up. All of the numbers are in plain white and bold so they are easy to read the minute they drop. As far as balance goes, I don't have any real complaints about how they handle. I sat down for about ten minutes and randomly rolled everything and got a fair amount of high and low rolls across the board. So the dice won't cheat you or play in your favor much, unless you're one of those paranoid skeptics who need to roll your dece before play and roll out all of the 1's before a game starts.

If you're a D&D fanatic, then getting the "Tomb Of Annihilation" dice set is a must just for the collector's side of things. Now if you're looking for a pair of dice that speak directly to you as a player, that's a weird little journey that you need to seek out on your own, because I know there are people who prefer to have speckled dice or marble dice or a shiny set with gold trim. While the case is cool. This is a no thrills set, which some people may not care for. But if the color of the dice doesn't matter to you, these are some damn fine dice that are great to play with.

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