How Will Sky Forme Shaymin Be Caught After Pokémon GO Fest 2022?

Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool posted an interview with Niantic's Humberto Kam. Kam, Niantic Labs' live events director, had a lot to say about the company's plans for in-person GO Fest 2022 events. As we spoke, I asked him what the main story was in his mind, because we have indeed already seen Niantic making this change. What, to him, makes now special? His answer was simple: "Shaymin." Shaymin is the main story coming out of the GO Fest conversation, and I personally found that exciting. There has been conversation about Shaymin, though, as it marks a change in the GO Fest pattern.

Generally, GO Fest offers a single Mythical Pokémon to ticketed players. Then, other players are able to obtain that Mythical through free Special Research at a later date. This time around, players who buy the global remote event get Land Forme Shaymin while players who buy the live, in-person event tickets get Sky Forme Shaymin. I spoke to Kam about what players should expect following GO Fest 2022's introduction of Shaymin in these two different forms, as this is unprecedented. Will we get Land Forme through free Special Research and Sky Forme the same way at a later date? Will we just get one Shaymin that includes the Form Change mechanic? I have Niantic's response ready for you now.

Pokémon GO Fest 2022 graphic. Credit: Niantic
Pokémon GO Fest 2022 graphic. Credit: Niantic

Kam took the question back to Niantic and I was given information to share. While Niantic Labs has no specific comment on the wider availability of Shaymin after Pokémon GO Fest 2022, they noted that looking at how Niantic has released Mythical Pokémon after major GO Fests in the past is a good indicator of future plans.

Now, this still leaves the question… two different Shaymin or one with a Form Change mechanic? Will the post-GO Fest 2022 Special Research include one or two encounters? The question remains, but Niantic's information given to me does seem to suggest that everyone will be able to have both versions of Shaymin regardless of how it happens.

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