I See Red Releases New Gameplay Compilation Video

Gameforge has released a brand new video compilation for I See Red this morning, showing off the gameplay you'll encounter. The footage, which we have down below, shows off how you can get creative when trying to get revenge across the abyss of space as you get a better look at how you can use the grappling hook to your advantage. Including snagging boxes and tossing them at enemies, as well as tossing barrels that end in a firey finish. You also get a good look at many of the weapons at your disposal as you'll have a primary and a secondary to switch between for various combinations of pain and quick combat. We also get a glimpse at some of the bosses and arenas you'll be fighting in as they all pose their own challenges. Enjoy the video compilation as the game will be released on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store sometime in late 2022. 

Gameforge To Publish Rage-Fueled Twin-Stick Shooter I See Red
Credit: Gameforge

I See Red is a fast-paced and frantic story of rage and revenge. The year is 2621. You are an outlaw traveling the infinite depths of space, searching for those who have wronged you to dish out the ultimate punishment. With a unique dichromatic aesthetic, your view of the world is consumed by wrath as the targets of your retribution appear in a deathly red, while the rest of the world around you fades to gray. Consumed by anger, everything that surrounds you can be destroyed—ship hardware, furniture, and most importantly, enemies.

Uncover a host of diverse weaponry, augments, skills, and abilities to lay waste to your foes as brutally as they deserve. As a top-down, twin-stick roguelite, every playthrough unlocks a stronger version of yourself as you improve your very own cloning machine. Bring entire ships to total collapse, exercise justice against invading spaceships, Robots, Aliens, Humans—the entire galaxy. Rage and crush them all. Rage and make them pay. Rage and get your revenge. You. Must. Not. Stop.

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