"If You Want To View Paradise Simply…" Buy These Willy Wonka POP! Vinyl's

"Willy Wonka makes everything he bakes satisfying and delicious…" Yeah, it's hard to control your sweet tooth when you sit down to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Now Funko is bringing us some of the most loved characters from the movie. Five new POP! Vinyls are being added to the collection.

Each figure possesses a physical item that defines their personality. Grandpa Joe borrows the Fizzy Lifting Drink bottle, Charlie Bucket holds the Golden Ticket proudly, and Veruca Salt clings to the egg of a golden goose. The Mike Teevee Pop! comes with a miniature Mike figure and Augustus Gloop enjoys his umpteenth bar of chocolate!

If you're in more of a Dorbz mood, Funko has that covered too! You'll be able to grab a Willy Wonka Dorbz and an Oompa Loompa. The detail in these figures is adorable, especially Augustus Gloop. I'm continually impressed by the details Funko adds to the POP! Vinyls. All of the collectibles will be available in July.

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