In Hidden "Zero Hour", Bungie Return To Secret Endgame Content

This week, players discovered an unannounced experience inside of Destiny 2 in the vein of 2018's The Whisper mission. Called Zero Hour, the 690 level mission is the culmination of a quest chain that, once completed, will reward the player with the exotic pulse rifle called Outbreak Perfected.

Zero Hour, the mission, is an exceptionally hard timed mission. Much like last year's The Whisper quest, much of Zero Hour is a jumping puzzle that requires great jumping mechanics, bookended by combat arenas. Naturally, the mission's final combat arenas is the toughest, which will make clearing the mission within 20 minutes a challenge. Getting to Zero Hour isn't so challenging, thankfully.

In Hidden "Zero Hour", Bungie Return To Secret Endgame Content

It begins with the heroic version of the Bad Neighbors mission on Titan. Once arriving at the first shrieker, take a left at the locked door, and enter the door that says unlocked. Go into that room, and through a bank of consoles to pick up the Fallen Transponder item, which will start the quest.

From there, the quest requires the player to find 6 hidden transponders, each in a Fallen Lost Sector, four in the EDZ, and the final two on Nessus. Once there, the player heads to the basement of the Farm, where they'll rendezvous with a Fallen Captain that will launch them into the Zero Hour mission.

Judging by videos (below is Rick Kackis' video), Zero Hour is the mission players who enjoyed The Whisper clamored for. He suggests using the Arbalest to help make the mission go smoother. Kackis notes that for a couple jumping puzzles, the team added a mechanic so once traversed, even by one person, that one person can trigger more plates to appear to help fireteam members that aren't quite as adept. It's a good inclusion, and something that I know would help out a lot of people.

I hope Bungie drops more of these in the future. They're tough to ask for, given that they require an entire team's worth of attention, and can't be reused for future missions. I felt almost invincible when my fireteams and I completed The Whisper, and I imagine challenging ourselves against another one will inspire the same feelings.