Incube8 Games Lite To Publish Cartridge-Only Handheld Titles

Retro publisher Incube8 Games has revealed the launch of a new imprint for the company which they're calling Incube8 Games Lite. The focus of this new wing of the company will be to create games that are released only on cartridges, specifically portable titles and it appears they'll be focusing primarily on the original Game Boy design. Over the years we've seen a bit of an uptick among collectors and retro enthusiasts to pick up old-school systems and experience games the way the of us older gamers used to play them, along with fans of the original design up long for their childhood experiences. Now we have another publisher aiming to cater directly to that need. We have more info on their plans moving forward, including their first game from IGL called Gunship.

Incube8 Games Lite To Publish Cartridge-Only Handheld Titles
Credit: Incube8 Games

Incube8 Games Lite releases will be strictly cartridge releases; they will not include a box, insert, or any of the other additional items (such as sticker sheets) that might be included in standard boxed releases. For the cartridges, while some of the aesthetic features of the PCB will be forgone, these PCBs are still manufactured by Inside Gadget, to their standard of quality. Thus, the end result will be a cartridge-only release that has a lower price point, and shorter manufacturing time, with the ultimate aim to be an affordable solution for Incube8 Games releases.

To debut this new format, Incube8 Games and indie development studio 7FH announce that Gunship for the Nintendo Game Boy will be getting released on physical cartridge through the Incube8 Games Lite imprint, as well as digitally. In Gunship, our nation is under attack by enemy forces, and the defense can only succeed with the help of air ground support. The future of our nation depends on you! Gunship is a rail shooter for the Nintendo Game Boy, which sees you fighting your way through five missions to repel the attack and restore peace.

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