Is The Catch Cup Worth Doing In Pokémon GO's Battle League?

The new Catch Cup has gone live in Pokémon GO. This is the last leg of GO Battle League Season Five, the shortest season in the game's history. With a three-month Season Six about to launch, this is going to be the last chance many players have to hit Rank 10 before the ranks are fully reorganized with the new upcoming GO Beyond launch. But… is this cup, with its odd restrictions, worth doing?

Magmortar in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Magmortar in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

First, understanding the Catch Cup in Pokémon GO. This Cup has the Great League CP limit with only Pokémon 1500 CP and under allowed in, with an added wild card: only Pokémon caught since the beginning of Season Five are eligible. This means that you'll be seeing a lot of Community Day Pokémon like Magmortar, Electivire, and more. It also means, though, Niantic is tasking you with investing Stardust into a team of Pokémon you'll be using in PVP for a week and probably never again.

Personally, I wouldn't advise trainers to invest in the Catch Cup in Pokémon GOIf the Kalos region was already out and we were investing in Pokémon we plan on keeping, great. However, after the interesting Kanto Cup and Little Cup, which offering understandable and fun restrictions, the Catch Cup is less of a competitive challenge and more of an annoying task we're being asked to invest in.

Because of the odd structure of this cup, the people who win will be those who invest the most Stardust. There is no top meta, because the restrictions don't allow for it. If you have the dust to spare, go on in and see what you can do but, otherwise, the Catch Cup is something that Pokémon GO players would be better off sitting out. Save the dust for the next Cup, because Niantic has already announced more unique PVP challenges will be coming.

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