Is the Snivy Community Day Box Worth It In Pokémon GO?

This Sunday is Snivy Community Day in Pokémon GO. We're finally seeing the return of Starter Pokémon to the game, which is a great change of pace considering how, until last month's Fletchling Community Day, we've had months and months of poor choices, uninteresting moves, and Shinies that have been in the game for, in some cases, years. Snivy is set to be a memorable Community Day indeed, and will unlock the Community Day-exclusive Charged Attack of Frenzy Plant on Serperior when it is evolved during (and up to two hours after) the event. On top of all of that, there will be a Community Day box in the shop. What we're here to answer today is the question that comes up every month ahead of Community Day: Is that box in the shop worth it? Let's dive in.

Snivy Community Day graphic in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Snivy Community Day graphic in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

According to the official Pokémon GO blog, here's what is being offered:

There'll be a special one-time-purchase Community Day Box available for 1,280 PokéCoins, featuring 50 Ultra Balls, four Star Pieces, four Mossy Lure Modules, and an Elite Charged TM.

All right, so… let's take a look at the price of these items individually in the Pokémon GO shop.

  • Ultra Balls: Free. Not only is there a box of them in the shop, but these are of course primarily obtained by spinning Pokéstop.s
  • Star Pieces: One for 100 coins, eight for 640. Let's call it 400 for four to play fair.
  • Mossy Lure Module: 200 each. This is where the box racks up value, at least in coins. I'll explain shortly.
  • Elite Charged TM: Not otherwise for sale. These are given out to Pokémon GO trainers who hit certain ranks during certain seasons of GO Battle League and have also been offered through Special Research.

Looking at the flat value of what we can quantify, we're looking at zero for the Balls, 400 for the Star Pieces, and 800 for the Lure Modules. That puts at 1200 coins, meaning that you're essentially getting an Elite Charged TM for 80 coins.

Now, that's not bad.


Most of the value in coins is coming from Lure Modules. Personally, the way I determined my choice as to whether I'm getting this box or not (I'm not) is if I think four Mossy Lure Modules are really worth the price we're being asked to pay. I don't. The specific Lures are some of the most limited resources in the game, offering only a specific kind of spawn at an incredibly slow pace to a Poké Stop that you have to physically stay near. An Incense is 40 coins and brings so much more value. I think most Pokémon GO players would agree.

Personally, I think the box is a horrendous deal unless you have a specific reason that you want four Mossy Lure Modules. I don't know if the kind of person that would want those exists, though, so while I want to leave the possibility open, my general recommendation is to avoid the box for this Pokémon GO Community Day.

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