It Appears G4 Is Looking To Make A Return In 2021

If you're of a certain age when it comes to video games, then the phrase G4 holds a certain spot in your heart. The little network that could was formed back in 2002, eventually replacing the equally awesome Tech TV and becoming the biggest video game network on cable and dish. Keep in mind, this was before YouTube became the giant media company that it was and Twitch hasn't even launched as Justin.TV yet. They were one of the biggest sources of information for gaming news beyond dedicated websites and publications at the time to get updated news about gaming from around the globe, and became a hotspot to see the latest trailers for new games that were on the way. Headed by flagship shows like X-Play and Attack Of The Show. The network sadly ceased to be in 2014 after being poorly mismanaged by their parent company, NBC Universal, and is kind of a footnote of what people want whatever the next big gaming network thing to be. People are even comparing VENN to G4 in the hopes they pick up the mantle left behind.

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Well… it looks like VENN will have some added competition when it launches. Today, out of the blue, a new trailer went up during Comic-Con@Home on IGN Live, and then uploaded to G4's recently reactivated Twitter account, proclaiming that it seems to be returning in some fashion in 2021. Last we checked, the media entity is still owned by NBC Universal, which if they finally got their act in gear to bring it back would be a miracle. You can check out the trailer below, which if you're a longtime fan, you'll see a lot of references to stuff in boxes that will take you back. If you go to the it's website, you can currently play a janky version of Pong that uses mouse clicks to aim the paddle. We'll keep an eye on this and see what progresses from here.

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