Japan's Pokémon TCG Start Deck 100 Reveals Aggron V & VMAX

We are now just a few days away from the release of the Japanese Pokémon TCG: Start Deck 100 line of products. Set for release on December 17th, these products will feature mostly reprinted cards and will, unlike actual booster packs, not contain any secret rares. These are for competitive gameplay and offer very little in the way of new cards, with some notable examples so far being the Kingler VMAX and now these two new Pokémon V, Raikou V and Drampa V. True to the name, there will be a whopping 100 versions of this product featuring different cards. There is no English equivalent planned for these releases, so it is likely that these cards will appear inserted in English-language expansions such as Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars and other upcoming releases. Let's take a look at some newly revealed Pokémon TCG: Start Deck 100 cards.

Start Deck 100 cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Start Deck 100 cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG

Oh wow, this took me off guard! The VMAX era is winding down, with VSTARs set to replace this card type and rarity level in January 2022's Japanese release, Star Birth. English sets will be a bit behind, though, with both VMAX and VSTAR cards showing up in the next expansion, Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars, as that set is expected to combine cards from Star Birth, VMAX Climax, and Start Deck 100. There is only one other new VMAX in Start Deck 100 in the form of Kingler. Most of the other new cards are Pokémon-V, standard cards, and alternate art versions of previously released cards. I think Aggron VMAX is stunning and is, along with Kingler VMAX and Mimikyu VMAX from VMAX Climax, a great way to close out the VMAX era.

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