Mega Houndoom: Pokémon GO Trainers' Greatest Weapon For Halloween

Halloween is coming, which means that ghosts will soon be haunting Pokémon GO. First up will be the arrival of Giratina Origin Forme in Tier Five raids this Friday, October 9th. However, it is a given that raids during the upcoming Halloween event will be taken over by Ghost-types to fit the theme of spooky season. When this happens, Pokémon GO trainers who have been able to gather enough Mega Energy will have one secret weapon that will be able to handle anything these ghostly creatures through at it. That Pokémon… is Mega Houndoom.

Mega Houndoom in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Mega Houndoom in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Mega Houndoom is not only the top counter for Giratina, but is also now the top Dark-type Pokémon in the game. It's available moves are:

  • Fast Attack: Fire Fang (Fire-type), Snarl (Dark-type)
  • Charged Attack: Flamethrower (Fire-type), Fire Blast (Fire-type), Crunch (Dark-type), Foul Play (Dark-type)

When choosing the moveset for your Houndoom, you absolutely want to go double Dark. The ideal set is Snarl and Foul Play. If you're looking to buy a second Charged Attack, Flamethrower is definitely viable, but keep in mind that both Mega Charizard Y and Mega Charizard X outclass Mega Houndoom as a Fire-type attacker in raids. It's that Dark-type aspect of this Pokémon that you're going to want to lean into to take advantage of it during the Halloween event.

Though it's not announced which Pokémon are going to be in the Halloween raids, Mega Houndoom is among the top counters for essentially every Ghost-type in the game, but not only them. If Mewtwo, for instance, were to return to the game during the Halloween event either through the upcoming Giovanni Research or in raids, Mega Houndoom is once again the very best counter against this Pokémon.

So stack up that Mega Energy, TM your best Houndoom to have the right moves, and spend your dust maxing it out. It'll be worth it… because the ghosts will be here before you know.

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