JETT: The Far Shore Has Been Delayed Until 2021

We're now starting to see delays in games that have only been announced a few months ago as JETT: The Far Shore joins the list. Superbrothers HQ, the developer behind the game sent out the message below this week letting fans know they now need more time to work on the game before they can release it for PS4, PS5, and PC for the Epic Games Store. Here's a snippet of what they had to say.

When will we see you JETT? Who can say. Courtesy of Pine Scented Software.
When will we see you JETT? Who can say? Courtesy of Pine Scented Software.

Revealing JETT: The Far Shore in June 2020 was an absolute thrill, and it has been a delight to uncloak after so long in stealth. The JETT squad has been moved and motivated by the love, curiosity and support directed our way. We're glad to report we've come a long way in a brief while, and that JETT is shaping up to be something pretty special. However, as of now it seems we're in need of more time in order for JETT to soar, and for the squad to complete this interstellar trip in good condition. While we'll be on the quiet side for a while longer, look to @jettxyz where we're regularly surfacing JETT gifs. Meanwhile at you can subscribe to the JETT email bulletin, where we'll eventually shed some light on JETT and its all-star squad, and where we'll exclusively debut occasional a/v tidbits (such as today's tidbit "Soak In Brine").

No word yet on what kind of a timetable they're aiming for, but this late in the year if they haven't announced it for the holidays, it's a pretty safe bet you're looking at 2021. We'll keep an eye out and see how things progress, maybe they'll surprise us with a faster time than expected. But for now, don't bet on anything 2020.

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