Junktopia Revealed As Fourth Game In Jackbox Party Pack 9

Jackbox Games have revealed the fourth game coming to Jackbox Party Pack 9 as we're getting the frog-related garbage title Junktopia. The game's ridiculous premise is that you've been turned into frogs by a trash wizard who wants to have you all battle to get your bodies back in a weird auction. You'll pick an item, create hilarious text for it, and vote as a group on how well those items are received during the appraisal period. The person who makes the most cash gets turned back into a human. You can read more about the game down below along with the trailer for it as the game is set to be released sometime in the Fall of 2022.

Junktopia artwork for Jackbox Party Pack 9, courtesy of Jackbox Games.
Junktopia artwork for Jackbox Party Pack 9, courtesy of Jackbox Games.

Junktopia is a joke-driven writing game where you win by building funny backstories for unusual objects. As you enter the world of Junktopia, you and your fellow players have all been turned into frogs by a strange wizard, Nikolas Knackalus – but don't worry, he'll turn you right back! If you can turn the most profit by reselling some strange antiques. You're going to get the chance to buy evocative, beautiful, and frankly weird pieces from the shop, and then use your creative minds to write a few hilarious facts about them. The group will then appraise the objects based on their new backstories; more votes equals more value added.

Generate some laughs, rank your favorites, get some cool cash for your cute quips, and voila!  You'll be back in your non-frog bods in no time. Hopefully. Will you spend big on a frighteningly funny figurine? Or buy low on a humble hat, and let your jokes do the talking? As they say in Junktopia… there are lots of ways to win when you've got nothing to lose!

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