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Jackbox Games are slowly revealing all of the titles on the way to the Jackbox Party Pack 10, as the second title on the way will be called FixyText This is a brand new game for 3-8 players who love interrupting each other, as you'll be grouped into one text box to come up with[...]
Jackbox Games Reveals New Info About The Jackbox Party Pack 10
Jackbox Games took time during PAX East 2023 to reveal more about The Jackbox Party Pack 10, as the first game has officially been revealed Every time the company launches a new version of the Party Pack, they bring in four new titles and one returning title Without hesitation, the team revealed the returning game[...]
The Jackbox Party Pack 9 Releases New Content Update
Jackbox Games has released a new content update for The Jackbox Party Pack 9, as players now have multiple language options available to them Players now have the long-awaited Language Pack Update for the game, which now enables you to select every game in the pack in either French, Italian, German, Latin American Spanish, or[...]
Jackbox Games Announces Jackbox Party Pack 10
Jackbox Games have officially revealed they are in the process of developing The Jackbox Party Pack 10, to be released later this year The company sent out a small notice today along with a seven-minute video to mark the occasion of having released ten years' worth of Party Pack titles with 45 games in total[...]
Jackbox Party Pack 9 Announces Official Release Date
You can read up more on all of the additions that they put into the game recently (as the latest update will add them in) as well as the new pack. Credit: Jackbox Games On December 15th, 2022, we're launching the Language Pack as a free update to The Jackbox Party Pack 9 on Steam, Xbox, and[...]
Jackbox Party Pack 9 Announces Official Release Date
Jackbox Games has been hard at work on the latest entry to their franchise, Jackbox Party Pack 9, which officially comes out today! As part of the lead-up to the game's release, the team revealed all of the new additions that you'll have a chance to play with your friends, as well as the returning[...]
Jackbox Party Pack 9 To Hold Livestream Marathon For Release
Jackbox Games has announced that they will be holding a special live stream for Jackbox Party Pack 9 on October 20th From 8am until 3pm PT, the company will be hosting several games of all five titles within the pack, giving viewers at home a chance to play in the audience as well as take[...]
Jackbox Party Pack 9 Announces Official Release Date
Jackbox Games has finally revealed the official release date for Jackbox Party Pack 9 as players can experience it this October With all five games revealed, we've been wondering why the team didn't announce a release date during PAX West 2022 like they normally do This one apparently took a little longer than normal, which[...]
Jackbox Games Reveals All Five Jackbox Party Pack 9 Titles
Jackbox Games has revealed the fifth and final title coming to Jackbox Party Pack 9 as we now know everything on the way The last game will be Quixort, which is a file sporting game that will test your knowledge of the order and how quickly you can file it away You'll be working as[...]
Jackbox Games Announces ​​Final Jackbox Party Starter Title
That's three times the chances to be funny! Originally part of The Jackbox Party Pack 7, Quiplash 3 in The Party Starter has been fully revamped with new features and localizations in French, Italian, German and Spanish! Tee K.O. In Tee K.O., players are on the clock to create drawings and write as many slogans as possible[...]
Junktopia Revealed As Fourth Game In Jackbox Party Pack 9
Jackbox Games have revealed the fourth game coming to Jackbox Party Pack 9 as we're getting the frog-related garbage title Junktopia The game's ridiculous premise is that you've been turned into frogs by a trash wizard who wants to have you all battle to get your bodies back in a weird auction You'll pick an[...]
Jackbox Party Pack 9 Reeveals New Game With Nonsensory
Jackbox Games announced the latest brand new game coming to Jackbox Party Pack 9 this Fall with the reveal of Nonsensory Somehow we missed the initial announcements for this, but the company has already revealed two games coming to the latest entry Fibbage 4 will be the one sequel title they put in every game that[...]
Jackbox Games Launches New Ambassador Program
The company is basically looking for people who are really enthusiastic about their brand, especially Jackbox Party Pack games, to become ambassadors and essentially help keep games going all the time You don't even need to be a content creator or streamer to do so, as they're looking for people across the board and around[...]
Jackbox Games Announces ​​Final Jackbox Party Starter Title
Due to popular demand, we're expanding this list to include all of the games coming to The Jackbox Party Starter! It's not easy translating all of the prompts, which work well in English, but we think our international fans will love the changes we've made! We've included FULL localization: Beyond just including translated subtitles, the voice[...]
Jackbox Games Wants To Replace Your Bad Gift For Free
Essentially, the entire program is designed to provide a gift upgrade, letting people enjoy the gift they received with the option for a little something extra: A $50 Visa gift card plus the brand new Jackbox Party Pack 8 on the system of your choice. Credit: Jackbox Games So how do you get in on this program? It's[...]
Jackbox Party Pack 8 Releases Its First Official Trailer
Jackbox Games announced this morning that they will be releasing Jackbox Party Pack 8 on PC and consoles in mid-October For months we've been seeing all of the new titles teased for this release as they are going for some new fun and unpredictable vibes with this installment Not to mention a new version of[...]
Smosh & Jackbox Games Partner For Special Twitch Cancer Event
The YouTube comedy channel will have a mix of familiar performers and special guests coming together to play Jackbox Party Pack titles for a few hours of fun and entertainment on August 21st, 2021, starting at 6pm PT The event will be helping raise funds during Stand Up To Cancer Week, in which proceeds will[...]
Humble Bundle Launches Humble Jackbox Summer Party Bundle
For a short time, you can purchase multiple versions of the Jackbox Party Pack games, as well as their individual games and other Jackbox Games content in a pay-however-much-you-want format Depending on how much you spend is how much you can snag if you decide to buy everything, which is worth $213, you'll only pay[...]
Jackbox Party Pack 8 Reveals Next Game: Weapons Drawn
Jackbox Games just dropped info on their next game coming to Jackbox Party Pack 8 with another new title in Weapons Drawn This appears to be an amazing social deduction game where people are slwoly being murdered at a party and its up to the group to find the murderer(s) before being murdered themselves It[...]
Jackbox Games Announces Fourth Game For Jackbox Party Pack 8
Jackbox Games has unveiled the fourth game coming to Jackbox Party Pack 8, as you will spin The Wheel of Enormous Proportions While the team released a blog talking about it (which we have a snippet for you to read below), we don't really know that much about how this game will specifically be played[...]
Jackbox Party Pack 8 Reveals First New Game: The Poll Mine
Jackbox Games revealed that Jackbox Party Pack 8 is on the way this Fall with the reveal of their first new game, The Poll Mine This one will have you on your toes as it is a game where you'll need to make guesses based on polling people in order to escape the mine you[...]
The Jackbox Party Pack 7 Will Officially Release October 15th
Fans of the Jackbox titles will be happy to know that The Jackbox Party Pack 7 has an official release date next month We've been waiting to see when they'd finally drop a release date as the game has been appearing on a bunch of YouTube and Twitch channels lately to promote it We now[...]
Celebrity Jackbox Games & Giving
The second episode of Celebrity Jackbox: Games & Giving will be happening tonight as celebrities will be playing several titles from the Jackbox Party Pack series for what we hope will be hilarious results Tonight's guests/contestants are Olivia Wilde (Booksmart, House), Jason Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live, Horrible Bosses), Jack Black (Tenacious D, Jumanji), and Keke Palmer (Hustlers, GMA3: Strahan, Sarah, and Keke)[...]
"The Jackbox Party Pack 6" Reveals Another New Game In "Role Models"
Jackbox Games has yet another new game reveal coming to The Jackbox Party Pack 6, as we get a look at their latest creation, "Role Models" This is one of those games where you may have an idea of who you think you are, but do you have any idea what others think of you?[...]
"Jackbox Party Pack 6" Introduces A New Game With "Push The Button"
Jackbox Games have introduced their second new game coming to Jackbox Party Pack 6 this year in the form of "Push The Button" We have the full description of the game below, but the shorthand version is that this is a game for 4-10 players where you try to find the alien You get asked[...]
Jackbox Games Reveals Dictionarium For "Jackbox Party Pack 6"
Jackbox Games will be releasing Jackbox Party Pack 6 later this fall, but before that, they've been revealing some of the new games on the way One of the latest games to be added to the mix is Dictionarium, which is a game where you'll be making up the meanings of words that most people[...]
The First Jackbox Party Pack is Now Free on the Epic Games Store
Gotta give a little credit to Epic Games for enticing people to check out their store as they keep approaching other companies to offer free stuff, like the Jackbox Party Pack Word came out this week from both companies that the original version of the game would be made available for free on the store,[...]
A Fourth 'Party Pack' Is On The Way From Jackbox
Probably the biggest party game for Twitch players that isn't on Tabletop Simulator, the Jackbox Party Pack series has become super popular with live streams and helped put Jackbox Games in a modern light Yesterday the company announced it would be launching the next Party Pack this fall. The Jackbox Party Pack 4 will include Fibbage[...]