Kalos Coming? New Pokémon GO Datamine Sees Generation Six Added

Is Generation Six about to drop in Pokémon GO? A new datamine suggests that the Kalos region is coming soon along with other new features, including the promised increase to the long-held level cap.

Generation Six teaser image for Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Generation Six teaser image for Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Here's a breakdown of everything that the Pokéminers found in the latest update, and what it may mean for Pokémon GO in the near future:


This follows up on something that was said during GO Fest earlier this year. As we reported, Niantic confirmed that there would be new trainer levels added to Pokémon GO and that advancing in the levels post-40 wouldn't just be an XP grind. We didn't know anything beyond what was said, but now it appears that leveling up to 41 and above will be quest-based.


All of Generation Six has been added to Pokémon GO. With many Unova Pokémon still unreleased, it seems impossible that a Generation Six rollout is on the way, but it was already essentially confirmed in Niantic's anniversary poster from this summer, visible above, which showed off the Kalos Starters. It's unlikely that we'll get many Generation Six Pokémon, but preparing for an imminent rollout would be a good idea.


There's very little information on what this is, but the thought is that many Rare Candies could be consolidated into a single XL Rare Candy in order to save Item Bag space.

Other updates to the code included Pokémon HOME graphics. Niantic has announced that there would be a tie-in event to HOME coming to Pokémon GO in November, bringing with it the re-release of Shiny Meltan.

As more Pokémon GO news comes out and is officially confirmed by Niantic, you can count on Bleeding Cool to keep you updated.

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