Keeping Watch On Your Pack: We Review Overwatch Backpack Hangers

Recently I got a couple of cool items from Blizzard in relation to Overwatch. One of those was a set of Backpack Hangers, an item I wasn't quite expecting and wasn't quite sure what I would make of them. But hey, it's Overwatch gear, so of course, I'm going to dig in and check it out!

I was sent three different hangers, all individually wrapped in that special "mystery box" foil we all know and kinda love. There was a chance of me getting 12 different heroes with 11 of them being identified and a "mystery hero" that you just have to dig for if you want one. The three I managed to get were Ana, Reaper, and Reinhardt. Starting with Ana, she's already made to look badass and adorable with her hands on her hips and a smile as she stares at you with her good eye. It's a great six-color mix that helps bring out the character without needing to go into massive details.

Next up was Reaper, who I felt was the best designed of them all. He's only working with a four-color palate, but it works well for how he's designed for the game. The hands clasped as he waits to kill his next target, all with his hooded jacket and gear around the waist. He looks menacing and adorable.

The third was a bit of an oddity as I got Reinhardt, but instead of a regular design, I got him in solid gold. Well, okay, he isn't made of gold, but it's a gold shine paint job to a plastic figure that really makes him stand out. Reinhardt's design looks amazing, and while the regular paint job isn't here to show off the detail, the gold makes him look powerful and stunning. I don't believe this is the mystery hero, this is simply a variant you can get in the packs, but it works well.

I kinda enjoyed these for what they're worth. Granted, they'll only be coming with me on trips to cons and vacations, but it's nice to show off my love for Overwatch on the go. That being said, I also recognize that these aren't for everyone and there are just some people who refuse to purchase hidden items on the fact that you don't know if you're getting duplicates. But if you don't care and love the game, this is a snazzy little addition to pick up. The remaining hers you could get are Soldier 75, D.Va, McCree, Mei, Widowmaker, Tracer, Torbjorn, and Zenyatta.


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