Kickstarter Fans Unhappy With 'Friday The 13th' Devs Decisions

Apparently, a lot of Kickstarter supporters for the Friday The 13th game are about to go all Jason on the developers at Gun Media for sending out copies of the game to people before they got theirs. Back when the game was nothing more than a dream, thousands of people backed the project and blew the top off their $700k goal. Now with the game set to come out today, many of those people are outraged that game reviewers, media reps, streamers and content creators got a copy of the game before they did.

Friday the 13th Game - Gun Media
credit//Gun Media

Now we here at Bleeding Cool haven't received a review copy ourselves, but we know friends and colleagues at other websites who have and are doing their proper reviews because that's part of the language of hyping a game. If you want something to reach a wider audience, you have to let media and influential people try it out to get the word going to average fans who may not know it exists. Kind of like what this story is doing. Which is what Wes Keltner tried to explain to the backers on their forums. The part that makes all of this nerve-wracking for Gun Media, however, is that products are usually promised to the backers in advance of an official release.

As press/media/reviewers we understand what he's talking about, but we also feel for the Kickstarter backers having backed some campaigns ourselves and been on both sides of getting it early and getting it late. By giving others who didn't spend a dime on the Kickstarter access to the game before they shipped out copies to fans, Gun Media may have just killed whatever goodwill they had with their fanbase and may never see that kind of loyalty again. Only time will tell as DLC and updates come out how people will react to them going down the road, not to mention if they decide to do a second game in the same fashion.

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