Kitsune Games Reveals That Kitsune Tails Is Coming In 2022

Kitsune Games, makers of Super Bernie World, have announced their next game coming next year with Kitsune Tails. A little on the nose as far as the title goes, the game is being made in conjunction with MidBoss and console publisher Ratalaika Games as a throwback platformer title themed off of the beloved Japanese mythology. The game is only being announced right now, but the plan is for a PS$ and PS5 release, along with PC and on You can read more about it here with screenshots and the announcement trailer.

Look at all the retro fun in Kitsune Tails, courtesy of Kitsune Games.
Look at all the retro fun in Kitsune Tails, courtesy of Kitsune Games.
Run, jump and dash across five worlds inspired by Japanese mythology as Yuzu, a young and inexperienced member of the fox people called kitsune serving as a divine messenger of the goddess Inari. Follow her destiny and prove even a half-kitsune with a human father can master adorable elemental outfits bestowing powerful abilities including ground pound attacks, running on water, shooting fireballs, and freezing enemies solid.
A mishap on Yuzu's first outing leaves her in serious trouble. Fortunately the friendly healer Akko saves the kitsune from a dire fate. Perhaps this turn of events was written in the stars, as a budding romance develops between the two young women. Unfortunately, Yuzu's childhood friend and mentor has other plans, and with the help of a special amulet gifted to Yuzu by her goddess she must rescue Akko from her former mentor before it's too late.
Earn even more special abilities by finding hidden outfits or stealing them from monsters. Ride a giant boot, become an invincible rainbow fox, or use an antique samurai spear to scale walls. Fend off unfriendly ghosts with the warm light of paper lanterns in search of secret doors. Retrace Yuzu's footsteps through earlier areas with newfound powers to find optional story content and unlock the best ending.

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