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Dataminer Claims to Have Found Character Customization Menu in Star Wars Battlefront 2

At this point, saying that this 'story keeps rambling on' feels insufficient because it really does seems it isn't going anywhere.

As I posted earlier, EA justified selling power altering microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2 by saying that purchases around customisable content would break the canon of the universe. Well, as if in response, it seems this controversy is determined to throw everything back at EA. Dataminer uninspired_zebra posted on Reddit (via Polygon) claiming that they've found a hidden menu focused on customising characters. In the video below you can see them thumbing through the menus.

More than that, they also claim to have found another menu, this time with alien playable characters like in the first game. Here's a Rodian.

Dataminer Claims to Have Found Character Customization Menu in Star Wars Battlefront 2

In a recent Reddit AMA, EA representatives did say about customisable characters:

Customization is something we care about. Believe me, people are constantly sending ideas around the office from all corners of the Star Wars galaxy. Clone Wars, Rebels, comics, movies, novels – there are some really, really cool designs out there (especially from the Clone Wars era). It's on our list of things we're looking at daily, and always top of mind. Stay tuned…

Now, before we pile on, there could be a lot of explanations. This could be something that truly just didn't come together. It could be some kind of content that was cut before launch. It could even be a very elaborate hoax to rile up a situation that's already well riled.

One thing is for certain though, none of this looks good for EA. I really do hope this does relent and EA can get their game together. I really do believe there is a very good game in here, I just hope it can be found after all of this, and if anything, I hope the developers who put a lot of their time and lives into the game see their work shine.



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