Lilith Games Launches New Mobile-RTS Called Warpath

Lilith Games has launched a brand new mobile-RTS title this week revolving around World War II combat called Warpath. The game is totally free on both iOS and Android as you will dive into combat that is focused on era-accurate depictions of ground unit warfare, set on large battlefields and campaign maps for both the Western and Eastern fronts of the war. You'll run the units into battle or deploy smart AI to automate attacks and determine how the battle is won on its own through RNG. You'll also recruit powerful Officers with unique abilities and skills that come into play in the middle of a fight. You can read more about the game below.

How will the combat you choose shape the war? Courtesy of Lilith Games.
How will the combat you choose shape the war? Courtesy of Lilith Games.

Warpath plunges gamers into a global conflict in which they command historically-accurate air and land units across multiple battlefields from the beaches of Normandy to urban fighting on the Eastern Front. To win the fight, aspiring generals must wage war against the Raven faction's evil forces that are hell-bent on nothing less than world domination. To build their armies up from a small militia into a well-oiled machine, players must hone their skills by mastering Warpath's deep strategic systems. The game's dynamic combat features an expansive array of realistic WWII units, from infantry and armour to artillery and airpower, all of which can be upgraded to unleash ever-more devastating attacks on opponents. Warpath's depth and range of strategic options give strategy fans maximum control to deliver an intense mobile strategy experience like no other. Players can take direct control of their units to engage in real-time battles or leave it to their units' automated routing to guide their army as it intelligently targets key tactical objectives.

Each chapter in Warpath presents players with new challenges to overcome as the hard-hitting plot takes combatants through authentic campaigns spread across a range of cities and terrain types. The story further unfolds with every dynamic real-time battle, revealing new areas to explore and conquer. As the global conflict grows, players must forge new alliances from a roster of unique officers whose unique powers can turn the tide of battle.  These include the medic Florence Borden who's Combat First Aid increases infantry recovery speed, and ace pilot Jean Dufort who can scout the surrounding environment to deliver an extra strategic advantage. Players can also form powerful alliances with other human players to boost their chances of victory and share in the spoils of war.

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