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Warpath Announces New Collab With Metal Slug 3
Lilith Games revealed a new collaboration for their free-to-play competitive RTS title Warpath this morning, as they will collide with the 2D action shooter Metal Slug 3 This new event will see popular Metal Slug characters Marco Rossi and Eri Kasamoto join the Warpath army, complete with their own weapons and special skills that match[...]
Warpath Announces April 21st Release Date For PC
Lilith Games announced this week that they will be bringing the mobile game Warpath over to PC as you'll play it directly from their website starting on April 21st Players will be able to experience all of the wartime thrills of the mobile game with a one-click install that will put the game on your[...]
Lilith Games Launches New Mobile-RTS Called Warpath
Lilith Games has launched a brand new mobile-RTS title this week revolving around World War II combat called Warpath The game is totally free on both iOS and Android as you will dive into combat that is focused on era-accurate depictions of ground unit warfare, set on large battlefields and campaign maps for both the[...]
Marvel Legends Deadpool Strong Guy BAF Wave Up For Order Now
First, Warpath looks incredible and has been a glaring hole in many Marvel Legends collections for a long time Great to see him here Shiklah, on the other hand…I am not sure why she is here For those that do not remember her, she became Deadpool's wife for a hot second a couple of years[...]
Hellboy Overwhelms Mantic Warehouses, Savings Ensue
Well, Uncharted Empires, Kings of War Historical and more are all in the sale Battlefield Cards! Bring some variety to your games of Kings of War with the Battlefield Cards! Deadzone and Warpath Half price Warpath rulebook collection! Veer-myn! Grab some leaders and specialists for your Deadzone strike team Scenery! Prepare for the upcoming interactive scenery rules for Deadzone with[...]
Mantic Shows off the Goods with Upcoming Warpath Releases
Mantic Games, the champions of budget war-gamers everywhere, have something pretty sweet in store for Warpath players in March: Courtesy Mantic Games That's the Plague army box, and it's packed full of mutated firepower! The Plague is the scourge of humanity – able to bring entire planets to their knees This terrifying, mysterious disease infects its host, changing[...]
Character and Mission Expansion for Mantic's 'Star Saga': Review
Star Saga, Mantic Games' sci-fi dungeon crawler, is coming out with a new expansion that will allow players to make their own settings and characters for use in the game! We got our copy; settle in while we check out what's under the hood and kick the tires! Countless stars, endless adventure! This expansion for Star Saga[...]
Weapon X #21 cover by Rahzzah
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Warpath is finally trying to take down Sabretooth while the Winter Guard tries to bring down Weapon X and Omega Red Red is more interested in killing his brother, Vassily The Winter Guard won't let that happen, and the fight intensifies as a result Meanwhile, Old Man Logan isn't doing so well in the[...]
Astonishing X-Men #14 cover by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata
Warpath also arrives to lend aid, as Kitty Pryde sent him to keep an eye on Alex Summers After dispatching the Reavers, Alex decides to build upon this makeshift team Hank leads him to Colossus, who is in a very sorry state after the failed wedding with Kitty From there, they go to protect the[...]
Weapon X #20 cover by Rahzzah
However, Warpath objects, and he is working to bring down the Weapon X team before it goes too far out of Logan's vision. Weapon X #20 cover by Rahzzah I was excited to see Weapon X turn into a villain (or at least anti-hero/mercenary) book with Omega Red joining up and Warpath and Logan jumping ship[...]
Astonishing X-Men #13 cover by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata
Havok, Beast, Colossus, and Warpath are among my favorite X-Men #13 isn't a bad start for this new era of the team, but it is a worrying one. This is one of those comics where everyone seems to hate one another The Avengers, Kitty, the X-Men, and even Beast all seem to hold nothing but disdain[...]
Weapon X #19 cover by Rahzzah
Back at the jet, Old Man Logan and Warpath are escorting the mutant prisoners out of Russia, but Logan isn't doing so well. Weapon X #19 cover by Rahzzah Weapon X #19 is a fun comic in a way that many previous issues just haven't been until this story arc Victor Creed is willing to make morbid[...]
Weapon X #18 cover by Rahzzah
Warpath, Lady Deathstrike, and Domino continue to battle the mind-controlled mutant prisoners at the gulag Red just escaped Sabretooth thinks he can get through to Omega Red, who is weakened in both body and mind Warpath wants to save the mutants in the gulag, but Deathstrike is ready to slay them all and be done[...]
weapon x-force
In the just-released Marvel August solicitations, Weapon X #21 teases the death of at least one team member, with Sabretooth left to save the rest of the team. Warpath and Old Man Logan are named in the solicit, but it's worth noting that Old Man Logan is dealing with his own issues (and potential upcoming death)[...]
Weapon X #17 cover by Rahzzah
There are protests from Warpath and Domino, but there's no time to second guess Reports are coming out of Russia that a mutant gulag holding Omega Red has gone dark, and Red himself is on the loose. Weapon X #17 cover by Rahzzah Weapon X #17 spends an oddly long time establishing Sabretooth as the new leader[...]
Weapon X #14 cover by David Nakayama
It's a waste of Yildiray Cinar's talents. The cover-spoiled romance between Warpath and Domino culminates in a leaping kiss in the middle of the issue-long battle While I am far from one to condemn comic book romances (in fact Warpath and Domino make a weird amount of sense as a couple), it typifies how completely devoid[...]
Weapon X #12 cover by Rahzzah
Just when the team is ready to give in and rob a bank to pass the time, Warpath gets a call from Acero in Santa Marco that mutants are being hunted down by mad soldiers with the American flag on their face. Logan immediately guesses at the Nuke connection, and, after some convincing, the team agrees[...]
Weapon X #4 Review – Big, Empty Action And A Gun-Toting Logan
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] *Weapon X #4 is part of the Weapons of Mutant Destruction Crossover You know, I had high hopes for this series. I like Wolverine, Lady Deathstrike, Sabretooth, and Warpath Domino is…alright I don't dislike her; I've just never held much interest in that character. Greg Pak, well, he's Greg Pak, Planet Hulk, World War Hulk, Phoenix: Warsong[...]
Gregs Pak And Land Revive Weapon X With No Reborn Wolverine, Mission To Destroy Mutants
The team will include of Lady Deathstrike, Domino, and Warpath. Pak is joined on art duties by his Phoenix: Endsong collaborator Greg Land, as well as the "adult films" Land uses for "photo referencing," on the book hitting stores in the Spring Pak was mostly tight-lipped about the details, hyping the interaction between heroes who don't normally[...]
Behind The Scenes Of X-Men: Days Of Future Past With Blink And Warpath
The First focuses on Blink (Bingbing Fan) while the second takes a look at Warpath (Booboo Stewart). X-Men: Days Of Future Past will be in stores October 14th. [youtube]http://youtu.be/Q4-20CuOEOc[/youtube] [youtube]http://youtu.be/gpvG8XiTUD4[/youtube]   With the upcoming release of X-Men: Days Of Future Past on Blu-ray/DVD, Fox has started releasing some behind the scenes featurettes including these two[...]