Liquid Media Group & Polycade Partner Up For Retro Game Releases

Earlier today, Liquid Media Group announced they had partnered with Polycade to release a series of retro video games. According to the announcement, the agreement will be to have all of Liquid's retro gaming titles made available for the Polycade Game Store launching this fall. Liquid's retro games will also be available via the company's commercial models, which are remote arcade units that can be installed in virtually any business and come preloaded with multiple classic titles. As to what titles will actually appear in those units was not revealed, nor was there any mention of how they might be used in other ways as Polycade has their fingers in a few different distribution models. Here are a few quotes from this morning's announcement.

Credit: Liquid Media Group
Credit: Liquid Media Group

"Partnering with Polycade creates an immediate revenue stream for Liquid. It also successfully executes on our direct-to-consumer model by leveraging Polycade's innovative emulator software to bring beloved retro games to ultra-modern arcade consoles," said Daniel Cruz, CFO of Liquid Media Group." Some of the best gaming titles were created decades ago and fervently played in the arcades of days past. Today, with Tyler's lifelong understanding of video game culture, Polycade is setting the new standard for arcade machines, capturing the look and feel of retro-style gaming and updating it with the technology and aesthetics to fit the needs of modern homes and businesses."

"Everyone loves video games, but not everyone is a gamer. Polycade is lighthearted, social gaming that you can enjoy with just about anyone! Our partnership with Liquid Media allows us to expand our game offerings with classic, multiplayer arcade and console games from the 80s and 90s, and builds on our mission to create a socially focused platform that bridges a modern gaming experience with the retro arcade feel," said Polycade's Tyler Bushnell.

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