Shiny Staryu Arrives in Pokémon GO for Ultra Unlock: Enigma Week

Enigma Week, the second part of the huge Ultra Unlock event, just began in Pokémon GO. The previous installment, Dragon Week, was plagued with complaints on social media about the release of Shiny Deino… which was seemingly nowhere to be found in the game. Now, Niantic has released Shiny Staryu for Enigma Week, but will this Generation One favorite be as difficult to get as Shiny Deino… or will Pokémon GO trainers have a fighting chance?

Shiny Staryu in Pokémon GO for Enigma Week. Credit: Niantic
Shiny Staryu in Pokémon GO for Enigma Week. Credit: Niantic

Unlike Deino, which was only able to be hatched or encountered through GO Battle League, Staryu is… rejoice, trainers… available in the wild. Grinding Enigma Week will give Pokémon GO players a great chance at catching Shiny Staryu, which is already spawning at a better-than-decent rate in the wild. One glance at the Nearby on the bottom of the screen will show the Pokémon, a favorite of the iconic gym leader Misty from the original games and animated series, hanging out at PokéStops within range. Staryu is also responding well to incense for this Enigma Week, so get to popping those.

Shiny Staryu is a greenish-white Pokémon, with the red jewel in the middle turning to blue for this rarer variant. The same is true of its evolution, Shiny Starmie, which takes on a deeper blue-purple hue that echoes the colors of its cerulean gem, which is bordered by a red barrier. The Staryu and Starmie line bring some nostalgia to the game, which has recently been mixing up their releases by showing love to older Pokémon through long-awaited Shiny releases, while also rolling out entirely Pokémon from later generations such as Elgyem.

Reports are still coming in on the full details of Ultra Unlock: Enigma Week, so stay tuned for our reports of the Raid Rotation as well as our full breakdown of the event, coming soon.

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