Livewire And Cyborg Superman Coming To DC Legends Mobile Game

We're at that time of month where the mobile games start teasing or revealing their updates for the coming month, and DC Legends have revealed theirs. The game will see new characters in Livewire and Cyborg Superman, among other changes.

DC Legends

DC Legends will add electrical shock jock Livewire, and describes the character and her abilities like this,


Livewire is not a fan of Superman and spent most of her DJ shows bashing his need to "show off." Lucky for her, she inhabits the power to manipulate electricity, making her a seriously galvanizing super villain you don't want to mess with. Livewire utilizes her ability, 'Gigawatt,' to deal light damage to a single target. Her AOE attack, 'Lightning Storm,' transforms Livewire into a lightning bolt, where she travels over to the enemy and blasts them with a burst of electric energy. If you get a second and third strike, the AoE ability attacks a random enemy. From violently electrocuting to self-buffing, Livewire is not someone you want to mess with.

The game will also include Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman,


Cyborg Superman will be making his way into DC Legends alongside his reworked nemesis. As the arch enemy of Superman with a vengeful itch to scratch, he brings a lot of mechanical precision and fiery angst to his fighting style. His abilities contain slashes, bouldering smashes and heated fury. His single-target 'Slashing Punch' unleashes a hand of menacing claws, ripping through the enemy. Cyborg Superman's 'Heat Vision' ability is as flaming hot as his fury and beams out of his eyes, glowing red with rage. Using his "Rock Toss" ability throws him in such madness that he rips out a large piece of the earth and heaves it onto a single-target. You don't want to be in the way of that boulder.

However, the DC Legends development team also discusses some updates to the Superman character in the game. These changes include lowering the chance to stun Superman from 50% to 25%, and several of his abilities are changing, in some cases completely.

There will also be 9-day Super-Hero events going alongside the five day ones, as well as a new round of PvP awards.

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