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Jim Lee Gets a DC Legends Artifact Edition from IDW in September
Bleeding Cool ace reporter Joshua Stone was on the scene at the panel to send us the breaking news. Jim Lee DC Legends Artifact Edition will be a 144 page book featuring splashes, covers, and panels from Batman, Wildcats, and more of Lee's DC work The deluxe artist-focused book will be 12"x17" and is produced from[...]
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DC Legends, the mobile game where players gather a team of up to four heroes and villains from across the DC Universe to face off against Nekron and his Black Lanterns and Manhunters, has confirmed the upcoming characters that will be added to the game in January 2018. And it's all a bit Superman-themed to begin[...]
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For October, the month of everyone's favourite holiday or horror and dressing up, the DC Legends mobile game, available on iOS and Android, will be bringing two of DC's scariest and witchiest characters to tie in to the frightful season. Players will be able to recruit both Gotham mad psychiatrist-turned-fearful tormentor, Scarecrow, and the powerful witch[...]
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Another month, another update for DC Legends, the mobile game for iOS and Android that allows players to battle the greatest DC superheroes and supervillains September will see the game bringing in a couple more of current iteration of the Justice League of America, as currently written by Steve Orlando. The game will bring in the[...]
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We're at that time of month where the mobile games start teasing or revealing their updates for the coming month, and DC Legends have revealed theirs The game will see new characters in Livewire and Cyborg Superman, among other changes. DC Legends will add electrical shock jock Livewire, and describes the character and her abilities like[...]
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Casual, turn-based battle, collect-'em-all mobile game DC Legends has been teasing a new update for the coming month, after having a month-long Wonder Woman event and characters in June. And it would seem to be Titans, both mononym and Teen in variety. If you've never played the game before, it revolves around players collecting some of the[...]
DC Legends Brings Blackest Night To Mobile Strategy RPG Gaming
Earlier this week was the release of DC Legends, an RPG game based in the DC Universe for play on mobile devices I download the game when it launched and have been playing sporadically over the last four days I've already leveled up 25 levels and unlocked 9 characters… so it's moving pretty fast This[...]