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Netmarble's New Mobile Game Stone Age World Out June 17th

Netmarble's New Mobile Game Stone Age World Out June 17th

With over 250 pets ranging from dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, pigs, wolves and more, players will have their hands full with defending Tectonika from unknown enemies from the up-and-coming Machine Civilization, and exploring prehistoric society and its unique quirks. This game, seemingly inspired as a mash-up between Pokémon and The Flintstones, looks like it'll be a fun one to[...]

Mobile Indie Game Crying Suns Launching On June 25th

Mobile Indie Game Crying Suns Launching On June 25th

Humble Games, creators of the Humble Bundle, is working together with Alt-Shift to bring Crying Suns, a new indie rogue-lite game, to mobile! The game will be coming out on June 25th of this year. Crying Suns, as explained by the above image, is a tactical rogue-lite game where you take the role of the […]

"Pokémon Go" Has Officially Postponed Its Abra Community Day

"Pokémon Go" Has Officially Postponed Its Abra Community Day

If you were hoping to take part in a special Abra-themed celebration in Pokemon Go, it looks like that's all going to have to wait for now. Developer Niantic postponed the Abra-themed Community Day that would have taken place today for March. There isn't a new date for when the new Community Day will end […]

"Magic: ManaStrike" Comes to Mobile! - "Magic: The Gathering"

"Magic: ManaStrike" Comes to Mobile! – "Magic: The Gathering"

Mobile games company Netmarble Corp has teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to create their first-ever Magic: The Gathering game: Magic: Manastrike![caption id="attachment_1155852" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Source: Wizards of the Coast / Netmarble Corp.[/caption]Like the old game Magic: Battlegrounds for the original Xbox, Manastrike takes the Magic: The Gathering property and crafts from it a Player-Versus-Player environment where the renowned[...]

"Red and Blue" Strategy Game Announced

"Red and Blue" Strategy Smartphone Game Announced

An up-and-coming company in the gaming industry called Brilliant Games is working in partnership to create a new game for iOS and Android smartphones called Red and Blue. The game is a fantasy-style game that makes use of an area control tactical strategy in order to defeat opponents. From the press release: Brilliant Games and […]

"Commander Keen"

"Commander Keen": Classic Action Coming to Mobile E3 News

Commander Keen was one of the first PC action games back in the early '90s. Bethesda will be taking a modern twist on this classic game. There will be a new generation of heroes, Billy and Billie, the twin children of the original PC version. The game looks like a classic Saturday morning cartoon. Commander […]

Cartoon Network's 2018-2019 Programming Lineup Largest Yet

With what they're calling "a new wave of creators telling stories that are relevant and reflective of today's kids," Cartoon Network announced a 2018-2019 programming, mobile and gaming line-up that is the network's largest slate of content to date. Five new series are set to join 11 returning series for the upcoming season: Owen Dennis' Infinity […]

dc legends

DC Legends Confirms New Characters to Ring in the New Year in a Super Way

DC Legends, the mobile game where players gather a team of up to four heroes and villains from across the DC Universe to face off against Nekron and his Black Lanterns and Manhunters, has confirmed the upcoming characters that will be added to the game in January 2018. And it's all a bit Superman-themed to […]

Lineage ii loot box

Apple Now Requires Apps to Disclose Loot Box Odds

Despite the fact that many mobile games have always had similar systems, loot boxes received renewed attention this year thanks to their inclusion in console games like Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Star Wars Battlefront II. The outrage over Battlefront II's loot box system caused a number of responses — including EA's decision to take them offline and the[...]

Marvel Strike Force

A Teaser Trailer Comes Out For New Mobile Game Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Entertainment and FoxNext Games, a division of 21st Century Fox, have announced and released a teaser trailer for new mobile game Marvel Strike Force. A strategy RPG coming out next year that sees the players assemble teams of heroes and villains from Marvel's extensive roster to fight off an alien invasion. The story for […]

rick and morty puerto rico relief

You Can Aid Puerto Rico Relief With The 'Rick And Morty' Mobile App

Today (October 1st), Adult Swim will donate 100% of all proceeds from purchases made while playing the show's mobile game app, Pocket Mortys, to hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Adult Swim sent out a fandom "call to action" through its Twitter account Saturday evening: Play @PocketMortys. Do good. Tomorrow all proceeds from #PocketMortys will […]

DC Legends

Something Wicked This Way Comes To DC Legends On Mobile Devices

For October, the month of everyone's favourite holiday or horror and dressing up, the DC Legends mobile game, available on iOS and Android, will be bringing two of DC's scariest and witchiest characters to tie in to the frightful season. Players will be able to recruit both Gotham mad psychiatrist-turned-fearful tormentor, Scarecrow, and the powerful […]

Avengers Academy

The Inhumans Are Finally Arriving At Avengers Academy

After a relatively short Defenders event, the next event to come to the Avengers Academy mobile game (available on Android and iOS) will be inspired by…the Inhumans. A long time coming, Inhumans have been teased to be coming to the game for some time, with thus far only a couple of the new Inhumans like […]

DC Legends

DC Legends Celebrating Steve Orlando's JLA With September Update

Another month, another update for DC Legends, the mobile game for iOS and Android that allows players to battle the greatest DC superheroes and supervillains. September will see the game bringing in a couple more of current iteration of the Justice League of America, as currently written by Steve Orlando. The game will bring in […]

DC Legends

Livewire And Cyborg Superman Coming To DC Legends Mobile Game

We're at that time of month where the mobile games start teasing or revealing their updates for the coming month, and DC Legends have revealed theirs The game will see new characters in Livewire and Cyborg Superman, among other changes.DC Legends will add electrical shock jock Livewire, and describes the character and her abilities like[...]

Avengers Academy

Spider-Man Homecoming Update Coming For Avengers Academy

In what I guess is a pretty obvious update for next month, Avengers Academy, the mobile game that allows players to collect redesigned teenage versions of their favourite Marvel superheroes and villains, will be offering a Spider-Man: Homecoming-related update. Using a somewhat reimagined version of the Spider-Man: Homecoming plot for the game, the update will […]

DC Legends

DC Legends To See 'Titans' Update Soon

Casual, turn-based battle, collect-'em-all mobile game DC Legends has been teasing a new update for the coming month, after having a month-long Wonder Woman event and characters in June. And it would seem to be Titans, both mononym and Teen in variety. If you've never played the game before, it revolves around players collecting some […]

Avengers Academy Sidesteps Into The Multiverse

In a weird sidestep from where it seemed the game would be going, Avengers Academy's next event (because as if they would take a break) will involve the Multiverse. The villainous alternate-future Hulk that is the Maestro takes his desire for conquest to the Avengers Academy, looking to beat the heroes gathered there and look […]

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Comes To Avengers Academy

Obviously, Guardians of the Galaxy are getting another event in Marvel's mobile casual game Avengers Academy, to tie in with the cinematic release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. This time we're promised the villains will be Ayesha and her Priestesses, portrayed in the game as cold-hearted 'intergalactic mean girls'. New characters players will […]

Monsters Unleashed on Avengers Academy

  Marvel continues to push Monsters Unleashed, as we come to the tail end of the event comics, have announced an ongoing following it, and now the event is the focus of the mobile game Avengers Academy. Which is impressive for Avengers Academy itself too. The game is really giving Marvel Comics a run for […]