Looks Like Halo Infinite Will Be Getting Grifball Soon

According to a new leak online, it looks like 343 Industries may finally be adding the fan-favorite mode Grifball to Halo Infinite soon. When the game was finally launched, social media went crazy over the final list of multiplayer options, wondering when they would get a chance to play the mode in this brand new setting. Well, that time may be coming sooner than expected, according to a new Twitter post. The thread HaloNoticiasMX, which basically posts everything it can about news, rumors, and leaks, has posted a brand new set of medals coming to the game for various multiplayer modes. Some of them are pretty easy to identify as to what they'd be for as you have familiar ones such as "Zombie Slayer" and "Undead Hunter", which indicate they're headed to the Infection mode. But the one that caught everyone's eye is the one called "Interception," featuring a ball being redirected by arrows. It's pretty clear this is going to end up being a Grifball medal.

Looks Like Halo Infinite Will Be Getting Griffball Soon
Credit: 343 Industries

For those of you who have no idea what we're talking about, Grifball is essentially a small sport within the Halo universe popularized by the Rooster Teeth series Red Vs. Blue. Two teams compete to score points using a bomb as the ball, trying to get to the other team's base to plant it and score a point with an explosion. The player who picks up the ball immediately turns dark yellow to highlight them, looking like the character Grif from the series. (Although he would argue he's more Orange.) Everyone else is equipped with Gravity Hammers to wack them and defend the goal or blast opponents out of the way while the now slower-moving ball carrier tries to get to the goal. It's a fun mode that we'd love to see come to Halo Infinite as soon as possible. No official timeframe for anything has been announced by 343, so this is more of a wait-and-see kind of thing as to when the update will come.

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