Looks Like We're Getting Another God Of War Game On PS5

As one final teaser at the end of the PS5 Showcase, the company left us with one final teaser in what appears to be a new God Of War game. At the end of the presentation today, we started off with a black background and some snowfall, which transitioned into frost covering the screen in the shape of the God Of War symbol. Along with the words "The Time Grows Near" being spoken over chants as runes started making their presence in the frost, followed by the phrase "You Must Prepare Yourself". And yes, if there any doubt in your mind, the runes do spell the word "Ragnarok" starting with the R shape at the bottom and making your way around the circle clockwise. What's more, yes, that does sound like Christopher Judge reprising his role of Kratos in the game.

Great, just what we need... tourists. Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.
Great, just what we need… tourists. Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

What exactly all that means at the moment is unknown, but if the fascination with Thor over the past decade from Marvel and every other game since that's been channeling Norse mythology is any indication, it looks like Kratos is going to be going to war with a lot of angry gods. The God Of War series is no stranger to making you pick fights with entities that are beyond mere mortal being, so it looks like a proper sequel will return to that type of boss battle hell as you'll most likely end up taking on familiar names like Odin, Loki, Thor, and whatever other gods they decide to drag out of Midgard for him to fight off. Hopefully with his son a little more grown-up and capable of fighting off those who wish to do him and Kratos harm. Since there isn't much else to go off of at the moment, we'll just be keeping an eye peeled at maybe E3 2021?

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