Magic: Legends Gets Detailed Video On Enchantments & Difficulty

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have released a new video for Magic: Legends, this time showing off Enchantments and difficulty. The team has slowly been revealing different aspects to the game, all leading up to the beta that will be held in late March. This trailer shows off the various options you have to customize and tweak the difficulty and complexity within the game. As well as a way to create fresh new challenges and experiment with them in every playthrough. You also get a bit of a rundown of both Regional Enchantments and World Enchantments and how they will come into effect in your strategy every game. You can check out the video below along with some notes from the devs.

Magic: Legends Will Enter PC Open Beta In Late March
Credit: Perfect World Entertainment

Difficulty In Magic: Legends

Magic: Legends has four difficulty levels to choose from: Normal, Hard, Expert, and Master. Planeswalkers will start their journey at Normal difficulty by default. Hard, Expert, and Master become unlocked through reaching different level milestones through gameplay. Hard unlocks upon completing the full tutorial. Then, Expert and Master difficulties unlock as soon as you've gotten a character to class level 30. By increasing the difficulty level, you face more potent and demanding enemies in terms of health pools and damage output. You can further augment your missions and ordeals through Regional and World Enchantments as well. These changes and the challenges they introduce will encourage the experimentation with and assembly of new Loadout builds to adjust moment-to-moment gameplay on the battlefield. Of course, with higher difficulty comes more and better rewards!

Regional Enchantments

Beginning at the 'Hard' difficulty and harder, each of the game's regions and their corresponding overworld and mission maps can have a Regional Enchantment. While on Hard difficulty, Regional Enchantments are optional, whereas, on Expert and Master difficulties, these enchantments are automatically applied. Regional Enchantments modify combat in that region in various ways, and the active enchantment(s) rotate every few weeks. For example: Burning covers enemies in that region in mystical flames, dealing damage over time to you and your nearby allies. Final Explosion causes the deaths of enemies to trigger massive, damage-dealing blasts.

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