Malifaux gets a new "Salty Seadevil" from Wyrd Games

The new third edition of Malifaux has been on shelves for a few months, and a lot of players have been spending some quality times with their crews working out the changes that Wyrd brought about with the new rules. Now that the dust has settled, it's time to bring on some new minis!

The Salty Seadevil was introduced to Malifaux players at Gen Con in August, but it's going to be available to the masses this year when Wyrd launches their upcoming Black Friday sale, which always has great deals on Malifaux miniatures and accessories.

Malifaux gets a new "Salty Seadevil" from Wyrd Games
Image Courtesy Wyrd Games

One of the things I have always enjoyed about Wyrd's special event sales is how they make alternate sculpts for existing Malifaux crews. The upcoming Nightmare Edition of Brine and Bones brings an alternate twist to Molly Squidpiddge's crew, and makes them all piratey.

Wyrd Shows off the New Malifaux Nightmare Box for Gen Con
//Credit: Wyrd Games

Now, as cool as those minis are, they need something big to pound on their enemies with. Wyrd isn't letting us down, with the new Salty Seadevil coming out to act as an alternate sculpt for the Rogue Taxidermy set. As you can see, he has a winning smile:

Malifaux gets a new "Salty Seadevil" from Wyrd Games

Those who stopped by our booth at Gen Con this past August might already know this angry angler fish. For those who didn't have the chance to stop by, we'd like to introduce you to the Salty Seadevil – an alternate Rogue Necromancy suited perfectly to swim the waters around Mary's pirate vessel. Preying on the sailors and fishermen off the coasts of Malifaux, the Salty Seadevil is a fearsome combatant, often circling its prey and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. So be ready to toss your nets into the water soon; the Salty Seadevil isn't known for taking its time and will only be available for a short time during this year's Black Friday Sale.

Wyrd's Black Friday sale is coming soon, with a lot of great deals on Malifaux minis! We'll let you know as soon as it's live!

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