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Wyrd Games Reveals A New Rooster Rider For Malifaux And Bayou Bash
Run for the hills, it's a… rooster? Yes, that's right! Wyrd Miniatures, the tabletop game company based in Marietta, Georgia, best known for their objective-based skirmisher wargame Malifaux, has released new information about the last Jockey for their premier game as well as a new game, Bayou Bash. The Rooster card from Wyrd Miniatures' silly Gremlin racing game,[...]
Wyrd Miniatures Teases Kirai's Alternate Title For Malifaux
Hey there Wyrdos, or anyone else interested or invested in the goings-on at Wyrd Miniatures, the tabletop game company based in Marietta, Georgia responsible for Malifaux! Wyrd has revealed the other half of the starter box for The Other Side, Wyrd's full-scope wargame, and it comes with a Master in Malifaux with an alternate title! The full art for[...]
Review: Malifaux's "Dark Reflections" Boxed Set By Wyrd Miniatures
Hello there, Wyrdos and other enthusiasts involved in the hobbyist and/or gaming aspects of Wyrd Miniatures' objective-based wargame, Malifaux! We got ahold of a copy of the Third Edition boxed set for "Dark Reflections", a box containing five models for the Explorer's Society faction's Umbra keyword, led by the ineffable English Ivan You may recall[...]
Review: Malifaux's "Dirty Work" Boxed Set For Explorer's Society
Hello, Wyrdos, or anyone else interested or involved in Wyrd Games' popular objective-based skirmish wargame Malifaux! We have been on a bit of a kick regarding the game's newest faction, the Explorer's Society, specifically with respect to the Master known as English Ivan As such, we got ahold of "Dirty Work", one of the latest[...]
Malifaux By Wyrd Miniatures Introduces Master "Titles" To The Game
Wyrd Miniatures, the game company responsible for creating the skirmisher Malifaux and the wargame The Other Side soon after, has been making strides in the wargaming community in an effort to keep their games fresh From learned lessons like Avatars in the First Edition of the game to the increasingly complex proliferation of Upgrades for models[...]
Wyrd Games Reveals Two New Malifaux Models For Outcast Starter Box
Wyrd has done it again! As part of Wyrd Miniatures' "Waldo's Weekly" articles that usually pop up every Wednesday, they revealed the other two types of new miniatures Malifaux players will see in the Outcast Starter Box Last week, we got a good look at the Catalan Brawler, and today we got a peek at[...]
OPINION: Miniatures And Discourse On The Ethics Of Opening The Old
Hello, wargamers! Have you ever made a high-impact purchase for your latest miniature tabletop hobby, only to be faced with a difficult ethical decision? Should you really open that older box of miniatures? In this opinion piece, I'll show you what's going on in my own head regarding a specific mini, and we will see[...]
Wyrd Miniatures Teases New Outcast Starter Box For Malifaux
Wyrd Miniatures, the miniatures game company best known for their wargame Malifaux, has given the public a small teaser of what comes in their premiere game's Outcast Starter Box! With this teaser, Wyrd showcases the Catalan Brawler, a member of the Syndicate keyword Syndicate is normally a keyword associated more with the Explorer's Society faction[...]
Malifaux's English Ivan Core Box, by Wyrd Miniatures: A Review
Wyrd Miniatures' third edition of their eldritch, Weird-West skirmisher Malifaux is a game very unlike most other tabletop wargames Instead of dice players use playing cards to determine randomization Models are dynamic to build and paint, and quite breathtaking to behold when finished And, perhaps most importantly to many, the characters in the game are[...]
Wyrd Miniatures Offers Serious Goodies At "Easter Extravaganza"
Wyrd Games, creator of such games as Malifaux, The Other Side, and the role-playing game Through the Breach, have been known for their absolutely cornucopian sales around the times of Black Friday and Easter Last we checked, it isn't near Black Friday at this time, but as we inch ever closer to the Easter holiday season, Wyrd[...]
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Wyrd Games, the creators of such games as Malifaux, Through the Breach, and The Other Side, have announced their upcoming releases for May of 2020 The releases will come later in the month of May, to promote their sales at local gaming stores above their own website's store. An artist's depiction of Wyrd's Minicorn models, alternates for Piglets models[...]
Malifaux gets a new "Salty Seadevil" from Wyrd Games
The new third edition of Malifaux has been on shelves for a few months, and a lot of players have been spending some quality times with their crews working out the changes that Wyrd brought about with the new rules Now that the dust has settled, it's time to bring on some new minis! The Salty[...]
Opinion: Why Tabletop Games Falter: "Arena Rex", "Malifaux", and More
I'm considering all of the Malifaux models that I've tried and failed to sell for whatever reason – the market I was selling to was full of seasoned vets of the game, and I had too little room to keep most of my models, so I decided to sell In the end, my models, poorly-painted[...]
Wyrd Shows off the New Malifaux Nightmare Box for Gen Con
The new third edition of Malifaux is upon us, with Wyrd Games offering up a new, streamlined version of their awesome steampunk/horror/weird west miniature skirmish game! You can check out the new rules for free, and even get the upgrade cards for your old warbands without spending a penny! But you're going to want to spend[...]