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Wyrd Games Deals Out New Wargaming Solicitations For May 2020

Wyrd Games Deals Out New Wargaming Solicitations For May 2020

Wyrd Games, the creators of such games as Malifaux, Through the Breach, and The Other Side, have announced their upcoming releases for May of 2020 The releases will come later in the month of May, to promote their sales at local gaming stores above their own website's store.[caption id="attachment_1206699" align="aligncenter" width="600"] An artist's depiction of Wyrd's Minicorn models,[...]

Opinion: Joshs Tabletop Gaming Resolutions for 2020

Opinion: Josh's Tabletop Gaming Resolutions for 2020

Source: Wyrd Games[/caption]  Only buy one new unit for every top-priority unit you paint, to a maximum of three This particular resolution is dang-near impossible if I am to continue to review things for Bleeding Cool, just because I haven't got the full semblance of an army for Age of Sigmar yet, and so in order to[...]

Malifaux gets a new Salty Seadevil from Wyrd Games

Malifaux gets a new "Salty Seadevil" from Wyrd Games

Now that the dust has settled, it's time to bring on some new minis!The Salty Seadevil was introduced to Malifaux players at Gen Con in August, but it's going to be available to the masses this year when Wyrd launches their upcoming Black Friday sale, which always has great deals on Malifaux miniatures and accessories.[caption[...]

Opinion: Why Wargames Falter: Arena Rex Malifaux and More

Opinion: Why Wargames Falter: "Arena Rex", "Malifaux", and More

Source: Wyrd Games[/caption]But why do games falter after people have gotten hooked on them for more than a season? I bought into Arena Rex, a brilliant game by Red Republic Games that I wish had stuck for longer than it has This was back in 2016 when I was a more naive gamer Now, I've[...]

Wyrd Shows off the New Malifaux Nightmare Box for Gen Con

Wyrd Shows off the New Malifaux Nightmare Box for Gen Con

The new third edition of Malifaux is upon us, with Wyrd Games offering up a new, streamlined version of their awesome steampunk/horror/weird west miniature skirmish game! You can check out the new rules for free, and even get the upgrade cards for your old warbands without spending a penny!But you're going to want to spend[...]

Malifaux Third Edition is Available NOW FREE from Wyrd

Malifaux Third Edition is Available NOW, FREE, from Wyrd

It seems like a thousand years have passed since Wyrd Games announced the third edition of Malifaux was in development, but it's really only been a few months One of the coolest things about Malifaux 3E, though, is that it is available for free, right now, from Wyrd's website.[caption id="attachment_1052270" align="aligncenter" width="1300"] //Credit: Wyrd Games[/caption]The[...]

Wyrd Games teases Burning Bridges Minis for Malifaux 3E

Wyrd Games teases "Burning Bridges" Minis for Malifaux 3E

But Wyrd knows we love to party really hard, so they decided to add a little fuel to our party fire.Get ready for the Burning Bridges boxed set, which includes Elijah Borgmann, a big ole' Fire Golem, and three Firebranded:[caption id="attachment_1030222" align="aligncenter" width="600"] //Credit: Wyrd Games[/caption]First off, I'm really digging on the new art design[...]

Wyrd Update: The Other Side Mini Rulebook a Big Ghost and a Big Ax

Wyrd Update: 'The Other Side' Mini Rulebook, a Big Ghost, and a Big Ax

If the 2E Malifaux rules manual is any indication, the new book for The Other Side will be smaller in dimension, and will be a softcover book, which will allow for a smaller price tag. Binh Nguyen Bihn was trained in the art of binding spirits by Kirai Ankoku, and spends his afterlife building the spirit army[...]

Wyrd Games Announces Release Details for Malifaux 3E

Wyrd Games Announces Release Details for 'Malifaux' 3E

The game uses specialized poker cards to resolve combat and skill checks, which is one of the most unique game mechanics I have encountered.[caption id="attachment_971092" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Cou[/caption]Wyrd Games announced a third edition of Malifaux a few months ago, and now they've update the release information for that third edition in their latest retailer newsletter.Here's[...]

Wyrds Annual Easter Sale is LIVE Through April 22nd

Wyrd's Annual Easter Sale is LIVE Through April 22nd

Several times each year, Wyrd Games puts out a couple of limited edition miniatures for Malifaux, their wild-west-and-monsters skirmish game Sometimes, those exclusives come back on other sales, to, which is great news if you missed out last time![caption id="attachment_1020014" align="aligncenter" width="600"] //Credit: Wyrd Games[/caption]This year, there's some pretty great offerings, plus some old favorites[...]

Wyrd Adding Individual Faction Books to Malifaux Third Edition

Wyrd Adding Individual Faction Books to Malifaux Third Edition

The fine folks at Wyrd Games are dotting all the "i's" and crossing the "t's" on the third edition of Malifaux, which will be hitting stores sooner than a lot sooner than most of us anticipated: Are you ready for early summer, 2019?That's going to be a huge relief for game stores that have been[...]

Wyrd Summons The Other Side Releases for March

Wyrd Summons 'The Other Side' Releases for March

Wyrd Games is continuing its focus on new releases for The Other Side, their large-scale miniature combat game set in the Malifaux universe.March sees four new releases coming to The Other Side, including some very nasty looking shark dudes!THE FRENZY[caption id="attachment_996753" align="aligncenter" width="500"] //Credit: Wyrd Games[/caption] On the tabletop, the Frenzy benefits immensely from being a[...]

The Dreamer Gets a New Look for Malifaux 3E

The Dreamer Gets a New Look for Malifaux 3E

Wyrd Games just previewed the new Dreamer box set for the upcoming Third Edition of Malifaux, and it looks like our favorite sleepy-time fiend and his friends have grown up a bit![caption id="attachment_971092" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Courtesy Wyrd Games[/caption] This week, we’re revealing that the Dreamer and his Nightmare crew have all grown up[...]

Wyrd Announces Open Beta for Malifaux 3rd Edition

Wyrd Announces Open Beta for Malifaux 3rd Edition!

Here's your chance to help guide a miniatures game to greatness! Wyrd Games just announced that play-testing for the third edition of Malifaux is about to go into open beta testing!We’re thrilled to announce that on Wednesday, January 16th, we will be launching an OPEN BETA for Malifaux Third Edition!Many of you have gone through[...]

Go Through the Breach with Wyrds Bundle of Holding

Go 'Through the Breach' with Wyrd's Bundle of Holding

Wyrd Games has teamed up with Bundle of Holding to offer two really great deals for Through the Breach players, and proceeds go to a great cause with Reading is Fundamental receiving 10% of the money raised.In the magic-saturated parallel world of Malifaux, you take on the roles of unique Fated citizens, such as Gunfighters, Drudges,[...]

Wyrd Games Announces Black Friday Sale Details

Wyrd Games Announces Black Friday Sale Details

Wyrd Games just released the details for their Black Friday sale for Malifaux!HEY WYRDOS, It's that time of the year again Here is our Black Friday/Thanksgiving/Birthday sale announcement!Rather than beating a dead unicorn with extra text, let's get right to the good stuff: what will be available for purchase during the sale! As you can see from the[...]

The Queens Return: Wyrds March Releases

The Queen's Return: Wyrd's March Releases

Wyrd Games sent out their upcoming release schedule for March yesterday The schedule includes the Titania box set for Malifaux 2E, Wyrd Games' tabletop skirmisher Naturally, Titania's box is called The Queen's Return and belongs to the Neverborn faction  Like most Neverborn masters, Titania looks goddamn awesome Her primary mechanics are already known, and will definitely[...]