Markiplier Launches New Interactive Series Set In Space

YouTube's own Markiplier has set up a brand new interactive series today as you can now have fun with him in space. If you're not entirely familiar with these types of videos, every now and again Mark will drop one in which you're basically having a video choose-your-own-adventure experience. The video will play a part of the story, which you can check out the first episode of it down at the bottom, and then you'll be given usually one of two prompts to make a decision. Sometimes it leads to awesome things and furthers the story along, other times it leads to instant death or disaster. Everything that you choose is in your hands, and it's totally free (aside from the advertising). You can read more about this one below.

Will you be able to help Mark out in the cold depths of space? Courtesy of YouTube.
Will you be able to help Mark out in the cold depths of space? Courtesy of YouTube.

This epic-intergalactic interactive special is the latest adventure from the creative mind of Markiplier and a follow-up to the successful A Heist With Markiplier, with an even more ambitious scale full of high stakes twists and turns that could only fit in outer space. Viewers are thrown into the captain's seat of a launching spaceship carrying passengers to a new life on a far away planet… what could go wrong?! In Space With Markiplier is a fully interactive series that puts you into a spaceship as it starts to spin into chaos, but something feels oddly familiar… like you've been there before. Mark acts as the head engineer on the ship and loosely guides you through time, space and misadventures as everyone tries to manage the warp core and get the ship safely back on course. In the vein of "A Heist With Markiplier," viewers have at least two choices at the end of each video leading them down multiple adventures and non-linear paths.

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