Marvel's Spider-Man is Getting a New Game Plus Mode Soon

Insomniac Games has revealed that a New Game Plus version of Marvel's Spider-Man campaign is on the way.

Marvel's Spider-Man
credit//Insomniac Games

A ton of people have been playing Marvel's Spider-Man. That comes anecdotally from my own friends list on PlayStation 4, but also, we are beginning to see it bare out in the charts too. There is a clear enthusiasm for the game and it seems many can't get enough. With it being out over the weekend now too, I'm sure a good portion of the audience has either finished the story or are approaching the end, but have plenty of reason to want more. Well, it looks like an answer to that wish is on the way soon.

While DLC is planned for down the road, in the immediate future, it seems players will have a reason to play through the campaign again. Insomniac Games has revealed on Twitter that a New Game Plus mode is in the works for Marvel's Spider-Man and seems to be pretty close. Replying to a  fan on Twitter, Insomniac confirmed the mode, saying:

New Game Plus is always a nice feature and gives you a reason to want to still find everything. No worse feeling than having everything unlocked, only for there to be nothing to use your maxed out weapons and costumes on. Going back into Manhattan to take down the enemies that Marvel's Spider-Man throws at you will be reason enough for many players to keep swinging around the city.