Mattel's Hot Wheels Open World Has Launched On Roblox

Mattel and Gamefam revealed today that they have released Hot Wheels Open World into the world of Roblox. The game is an open-world driving experience where you get to use a number of cars from the Hot Wheels property to race around courses, earn achievements, and unlock other vehicles to play with. It actually looks pretty awesome and anyone who grew up playing with these cars will recognize a number of the designs that have sustained throughout the ages. You can read more about it below as the game is now available to everyone.

Now you can race with some of your favorite cars in Roblox, courtesy of Mattel.
Now you can race with some of your favorite cars in Roblox, courtesy of Mattel.

"We're incredibly excited to bring Hot Wheels to life for millions of fans around the world on Roblox. The Roblox platform unlocks digital experimentation and play, which are core to the Hot Wheels brand," said Andrew Chan, Head of Digital Gaming at Mattel.

Hot Wheels Open World provides a creative sandbox for Hot Wheels gamers of all ages to play and compete online together. Hot Wheels Open World is a free-to-play, fast-paced open world driving game that immerses players within the gravity-defying, adrenaline-rushing Hot Wheels universe through the magic of Roblox. With more than 80 vehicles to earn, collect and race at launch and one of the largest drivable tracks, along with a variety of progression paths for speed racing, achievement hunters, Hot Wheels Open World is the ultimate Hot Wheels experience. Get in the driver's seat and explore Hot Wheels Open World! Collect, stunt, and race with legendary vehicles in one of the largest maps on Roblox!

• Hang out with friends and show off your latest ride.
• Collect Hot Wheels cars, upgrade them, and customize your ride.
• Drive around an epic map filled with stunt tracks, giant loops and hidden collectibles.
• Compete with friends and get the best trophies.
• Go on quests to help you unlock new vehicles.

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